House of Representatives vote on the four draft laws and end the discussion of the federal budget

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House of Representatives voted in the Twentieth Meeting held under the chairmanship of Mr. Osama al-Chairman of the Board of Representatives and the presence of 209 deputies on Thursday, 16.02.2012, on the four draft laws, as well as end the discussion of the federal budget.
At the beginning of the meeting initiated by any of the Holy Quran Council voted on Health office of Mr. (Ali Abdullah Hamoud Alsjeri) in the House of Representatives.
then completed the Council to vote on a proposed law to cancel the decision Revolutionary Command Council (degenerate) No. (190) for the year 1994 and the report of the Legal Committee.
and ended the council voted to ratify the Convention on the economic and trade cooperation and technical between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the report of the committees economy, investment, finance, external relations and legal in order to strengthen relations in various fields to serve the interest of both parties.
also postponed the Presidency of the Council bill that the First Amendment of the Law of the salaries of state employees and the public sector number (22 ) for the year 2008 at the request of the Finance Committee.
completed the Council to vote on a bill board of the Iraqi National Monitoring to prevent the spread of weapons of mass destruction for the security and defense committee.
the other hand was followed by the Vice-province of Kirkuk, a statement calling on the allocation of $ 50 billion dinars from the federal budget to be distributed to various important sectors in the city.
after the Council voted on a resolution that would oblige the State Department taking into account the acceptance of applicants for the Foreign Service Institute, according to the population distribution to the provinces.
the other hand, was voted a bill that the First Amendment to the Military Penal Code No. (19) for the year 200 and submitted by the Security Committee and defense in order to expand the jurisdiction of military courts to suit the concept of crime, the military as an encroachment on interest, the military protected and provide an opportunity for the military justice in the application of legal rules properly and so as to ensure the protection of military institutions and to facilitate its work.
announced the Presidency of the Council to postpone the vote on the draft legal weapons and stay of foreigners on the basis of demand submitted by the Commission on Security and Defence as well as to postpone the vote on the bill stamp duty based on the request of the committees of finance and legal.
For his part, Mr. Najafi postpone the vote on the exemption of Mr. Sabir al-Issawi secretary of Baghdad on Thursday after a weekend at the request of the National Alliance.
On the other hand the Council ended discussion of the bill the federal budget for fiscal year 2012.
In interventions, Ladies and Gentlemen MPs, MP Haider Al Shammari the need for increased financial allocations for the Department for the Care of Women for the inclusion of large numbers of women benefiting from the services of this department.
MP Aziz Ugaili has He called for raising the standard of living for thousands of retired military personnel by giving them 80% of the salary, just like their peers in the current Army.
the MP whose staff need to speed up the distribution of financial grants to students to help them in their path of study.
urged MP Mohammad Allkash cancel social benefits for the presidency, in addition to the cancellation of allocations of disarmament and turning them into covered by a network of social welfare.
For its part, demanded that Rep. Nora Salem government to disclose the doors of exchange received under special expenses.
as proposed MP Safia al-Suhail abolish Article 23 of the draft budget law to be held subject of their exchange.
For his part, pointed out Deputy Uzair Keep to the need to allocate not less than 5% of oil imports on the citizens, calling for the granting of housewives salaries rewarding recognition for their efforts and relief from their shoulders.
and MP sincere Aichoa the importance of the distribution of financial allocations to the province and district to reach services to Almzatun directly.
MP Baker Hama friend has pointed to the importance of providing financial allocations for the development of tourism and antiquities in the general budget.
confirmed the MP because it is Muhammad the need to allocate a sum of money to treat patients with cancer and thalassemia.
while demanded MP Huda carpet coverage 100 000 woman due in the social protection network and increase the salaries of people with disabilities.
turn MP Sabah al-Saadi importance of working on the budget includes a clause allowing Parliament the right to withdraw confidence from the minister, who for Aeetmkn to implement 75% of the plans and projects of the ministry.
MP Ziad worldwide abolition has called for the allocation of funds to compensate the former detainees to the U.S. occupation forces who have not recognized as having any charges.
For his part, said Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs purity of net debt that all demands must be taken as stipulated in the Constitution through a transfer is made ​​in the budget, noting that meet the demands required to give the House a proposal to increase the amount of the budget and in accordance with the specific reasons presented to the Government or to leave the demands to the next budget, stressing that the final accounts, which reached the House of Representatives of the Ministry of Finance is not audited and certified until now.
In response to the interventions, Ladies and Gentlemen Deputies said the Finance Committee having demanded changes to the budget bill and make transfers to other aspects where the focus was some of the aspects that has not been resolved until now, especially with regard to increase the salaries of retirees and expansion in degrees career for a number of ministries as well as attention to a network of social protection in addition to a number of important issues.
the other hand said the President of the House of Representatives for hosting Mr. Rafie al-Issawi, Minister of Finance, Mr. President Office of Financial Supervision and the number of specialists on Saturday to answer questions, ladies and gentlemen of Representatives on the final accounts.
and it was decided to adjourn the meeting on Saturday 02/18/2012. the information department of the Iraqi Parliament 02/16/2012

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