Worried about the political forces and observers Aakon: Maliki as prime minister for life!

16/02/2012 8:26

Baghdad / Orr News

Worried about the forces and parties in the political process, from acquisition of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on the resources of the State, to win a third term, and may remain prime minister for life. This comes in the wake of a series of measures and proactive measures, began to appear to the public, especially to invite the great Egyptian writer Mohamed Hassanein Heikal, and monitor the $ 20 million, to win the media.

While a coalition of state law announced his refusal to discuss the amendment of the Constitution defines what the mandate of the Prime Minister two sessions only, warned the deputies of the mass movement of the National Alliance (ruling power) to win the next election through the use of state resources.

The MP said that did not want to be named, said the "ruling power is always used its influence for the interests of the rulers personal When what was the Electoral Commission of truly independent is not to say and when to get rid of the voters of influences from the ruling authority whether material or moral, we can say that we are accustomed to democracy. "

He also said "appointments and inducements or fear, all of which can be used to make the masses go for the election of the government wants when you think to stay in power," pointing to the existence of "funds entitled aid and ownership of the so-called role (senses) and other assistance to the people," stressing "the necessity of the appointment of the Electoral Commission actually before the provincial elections next year and not be allowed to influence those responsible When it is delivered from the effects of electoral fraud delivered and intervention. "

For his part, called on member bloc citizen National Alliance MP Aziz Ugaili citizens to exercise caution in the upcoming elections and the election of the most suitable, noting that the "ruling power can win the next election to use several techniques," likely "the feet of some Alkiedah political move on the people to win elections ".

He said Ugaili that there are some political leaders are moving toward the people to win the next election, "and urged those Alkiedah provide services to citizens rather than lured with money. He added:" The areas in Iraq is divided there is no need for politicians to act on the people because the area of ​​the Kurdistan region of the Kurds and western regions to the list Iraq and the central and southern regions to compete in the Shiite parties, "he said.

The MP pointed out on the mass of citizens to: "that the ruling party can get votes in the forthcoming elections to the presence of several methods used with his constituents, including appointments and exchange millions on commercials advertising as well as the exploitation of social welfare and care of women and children of martyrs and prisoners, as has become at the mercy of the ruling power." He called Ugaili the people "to exercise caution in his choices and to choose the next person who deserves to win in the elections."

The coalition of state law announced his refusal to discuss the amendment of the Constitution defines what the mandate of the Prime Minister two sessions only. He insists coalition of state law not to put the term of the Prime Minister during the National Conference to be held in Baghdad for the development of a new road map for the political process

The MP said the state law Yasser Yasiri "The survival of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for the two sessions was the will and asked the people to beat in the voices of voters in previous elections for its competitors, and it is not logical to determine the survival of the survival of Prime Minister for two terms only, because that decision depends on the willingness of the people, Van was a success and gave the people what was hoped for Vsatalib survival for three sessions may be more.

The Alliance MP Kurdistan nice Mustafa says that any approach by the participants at the conference to change the constitutional article on identifying and head of government two sessions only is impossible, stressing that " to talk about amending the Constitution is difficult and almost impossible, because this procedure requires the introduction of the referendum and the approval of the majority, he believed the possibility of bypass through the legislation of a special law to determine the mandate of the Prime Minister, adding that it is also difficult to achieve in the present time: "Because we live sectarian divide sharply reflected on the performance of Deputies, and it is not easy to reach an agreement to approve the law affect the mandate of the Prime Minister.

Observers believe that Maliki may spend the rest of his life as prime minister, especially if Iraq remained in a state of sectarian division put in since the American occupation asserting that Maliki Talpsth tendency of power, property humanitarian nothing to do with political or ideological affiliation of the governor.

The Parliamentary Legal Committee rejected the request made ​​by the 105 deputies to determine the mandate of the Prime Minister for the unconstitutionality of the proposal, based on the Constitution so that "Select two consecutive terms to the President, but he only said that the nominated candidate for the position of the largest bloc of Prime Minister. "