Next Monday .. Announcement of the completion of the final arrangements for the Baghdad summit


During the visit of a technical delegation Arabic to Iraq
Cairo - Isra Khalifa
begins a technical delegation from the Arab League visit to Iraq on Monday to announce the completion of the final arrangements for the Baghdad summit scheduled for the end of March.
The delegation of the Arab Ambassador Samir Seif Alazel Assistant Secretary-General of the affairs of the regulatory financial and administrative and the membership of Ambassador Mohammed Alkhmlishe Assistant Secretary General for Media Affairs.
Ambassador Alazel "morning": that "the delegation is made ​​up of administrators and technicians in the Arab League to see the final procedures for the Arab summit to be held in Baghdad in late March, the next and ensuring the establishment of presidents and kings and Arab leaders, journalists and other of the final arrangements. "
and praised Alazel arrangements and palaces which have been prepared by the Iraqi side, noting it at the highest levels, as there are well prepared from the Iraqi side of each is necessary and it will be a successful summit and effective.
was the representative of Iraq to the Arab League Qais Al-Azzawi, had announced "morning" Recently, there is an Arab consensus to attend the Arab summit by Arab countries and this was confirmed by the Arab ministers at their recent meeting in Cairo, especially the countries of Persian Gulf who have decided unanimously to attend the summit the highest levels. said Azzawi, the "morning" yesterday: "The visit of a delegation from the Arab League to Iraq at the invitation of the Iraqi government came to put the finishing touches and find out requests for the Arab League on matters of logistics and technical arrangements other. "It is said that the government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh announced a few days ago for the direction of President Jalal Talabani, formal invitations to kings and heads of Arab states to attend the Arab Summit to be held in Baghdad on 29 March.