Iraq qualified to lead an initiative to promote unity among Muslims


Maliki: the conditions of the region requires the cooperation of Non-sectarian
Baghdad - Al Sabah
, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said the circumstances of the region and the nature of the threats it faces from home and abroad requires more cooperation and coordination to reject sectarian strife.
came during his meeting yesterday with his official office a delegation from the Organization of Islamic Conference under the chairmanship of Mr. Mehdi Fathallah.
he announced during the meeting of Iraq's readiness to cooperate with the Organization for the consolidation of unity among Muslims and strengthen the bonds of love and brotherhood among them.
The Prime Minister said, according to a statement issued by his office had received "morning," a copy of it: "Iraq had managed to bypass this stage and dominated the brotherhood and love among all its components, "calling the OIC to play a bigger role in promoting unity among Muslims.
For his part, said the delegation, which Prime Minister acknowledged a letter from the Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Conference that the organization believes that Iraq is capable of playing a key role in this area, and that he is qualified to lead the initiative expanded to promote unity among Muslims, stressing pride in the progress made ​​in Iraq in recent years. A delegation of the OIC arrived in Baghdad on Monday, where he met with Chairman of the House of Representatives yesterday, in addition to the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, however, Abawi. part of the post, he met the head of the political of the Sadrist movement Karar al-Khafaji, with the delegation of the Organization of Islamic cooperation. A statement of the Political Commission of the Sadrist movement today that during the meeting "to discuss the regional situation, especially in Syria and the vision of the line movement to the repercussions of the situation in which the fear of change for the unknown and the arrival of the radical elements of governance and its effects in that." declared al-Khafaji , according to the statement, "the opening line rib on all countries in the Muslim world, especially with the presence of the advocates of Islam seek to spread unity among Muslims," ​​noting that "the line movement based Islamic ideological is very close to the Islamic Organization."
The statement also said that the two sides discussed activation and development of the Mecca Document that took place in 2006, in addition to discussing ways to develop bilateral cooperation between them.
also held the Sunni Endowment yesterday meeting with the delegation of the Organization of the Islamic Conference on the operationalization of the Mecca Document. and Prime Sunni Endowment Ahmad Abdul Ghafoor al-Samarrai with the head of the delegation of the Organization Mehdi open God's ways to strengthen relations. The WHO Representative in Iraq, Hamid figs, had announced that "the delegation carrying a message from Secretary-General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on the operationalization of the Mecca agreement for national reconciliation." The document includes Mecca, which was signed by the General 2006 prohibition of Iraqi blood and non-sectarian and stop the violence in all its forms and the distribution of wealth between the Iraqis to achieve social justice.