Development of mechanisms to resolve the outstanding problems


BAGHDAD - Al Sabah
made ​​several visions and scenarios to resolve the outstanding issues in the papers of the political blocs that have provided the Preparatory Committee for the meeting of the National, as confirmed political figures to solve these outstanding problems before going to the upcoming meeting, but some political blocs operate a policy of confusion between the political and judicial system and insists on raising the ceiling of its demands to delay or delay the convening of this meeting and keep the situation as it is and the remaining cases of push and pull of political statements list.
issues of Hashemi and al-Mutlaq has linked the Iraqi List, in her paper the issues of al-Mutlaq and Hashemi in a single file or request one and two are two different issues in the foundation, the issue of al-Mutlaq asked al-Maliki to the House of Representatives to withdraw confidence with him on the following statements describe the al-Maliki descriptions raised Hfazth and gave the other option is to apologize, an issue that is not Balsabh solution or can not find solutions to the compromise between the two. as confirmed Governor Zamili "Liberal bloc" and the existence of the movement by mass to settle this issue controversial either apologize and return to the office or ask a mass replace another candidate running with the job, as revealed Ziad worldwide abolition of "Iraq" for an agreement between the blocs to resolve the issue Mutlaq before the national meeting in the meeting of the three presidencies. either issue Hashemi, they are in a different context to the presence of confessions from the elements of his office and Protection in the ribs terrorist operations shed Iraqi blood has been referred to the courts for decision, which is not subject to political debate or bargaining agreements and side effects. differences Region and the center row the other, is otherwise the province and the center several points may be the most prominent oil and gas law, as well as the application of Article 140 and the disputed territories, and on the difference in oil contracts see an adviser to Prime Minister for the Kurdistan region just Berwari that the continuation of the dispute between the Governments of the region and the center on the Exxon Mobil oil is not in the public interest, particularly in light of the political differences between the main blocs of the three. said in a press statement "The vote happened on a proposed oil and gas law several months ago the Council of Ministers in the absence of Ministers Kurds, making the provincial government objected strongly, and then was sent political delegation headed by Secretary of the Kurdistan Democratic Party Fadhel Mirani and a number of Kurdish politicians to discuss the issue, and met with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki It was agreed to send a delegation headed by Prime Minister Barham Salih and the ministers concerned, and actually went delegation to Baghdad and met with Maliki again was the formation of joint committees of both parties to address the issue. "And:" The committee reached a compromise in this regard, was presented the draft of this proposed Maliki's recent trip to America, and to this day continues to this bill in the cabinet without being discussed and approved, until it reached unity of the dispute to what it is today. "and noted:" The threats and the Ministry of Oil for Exxon Mobil to cancel its contracts in the South are not in public interest, especially at the present time in light of the differences between the blocks of the three main and most important of which this dispute. "He explained:" Any barrel is exported from Kurdistan will go revenues to the federal government, what makes us surprised by these pressures and wonder how is the pressure on Exxon Mobil at a time when the region is still the oil money deposited in the general budget, and if the region is linked to the central government why these complications. " In the same context, see MP Mahmoud Othman, "The adoption of the law of oil and Alghazho the best solution to end the standoff between the center and the Kurdistan region, especially in the field of contracting with foreign companies." He said in a press statement, "The delay in presenting the draft law of oil and gas for discussion and approval in the House of Representatives is reason for the standoff between the center and the Government of the province, especially in the recent declaration of the Centre not to deal with any foreign company contracted with the territory in this area. " He explained, "Everyone wanted to solve the crisis worsening in the country and in all areas and continuity of any crisis Atsb in favor of any party" He called for "the need to speed up passage of the law of oil and gas because of its positive effects not only to a certain area, but to the whole of Iraq."