League: Supreme Council policy began to float on the political scene once again

16/2/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
BAGHDAD / However - Osama al-Husseini said an MP for the Iraqi List, reproach the league, Thursday, the Supreme Council policy began to pop up again shown that he may approve its formation in the near future. added league to the reporter and news agency, the future that "the Iraqi List, you see from the entitlements in accordance with the terms of the agreement in Irbil, noting, that the National Alliance showed great flexibility on this issue will be the Council is within the terms of the National Congress and passed between the blocks of a consensus. " and called on the league "blocks to the need to comply with the signed agreements between the political blocs to show goodwill towards the spare the political process from falling into another crisis. " added league that: "The country is in dire need of convalescence politics after the exhausted his energies in view of the role of Iraq today in the leadership of Arab States at the Summit and the leading role which could take it, especially since the representation of Arab States and its presence is linked to the situation Iraq's political. "

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