Economic Affairs Committee of Ministers recommends the inclusion of a unified national card project in budget year 2012

2/15/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add Comment - Baghdad (news) recommended to the Ministerial Committee on Economic Affairs headed by Deputy Prime Minister Ruz Nuri Shaways inclusion of draft card in the unified national budget in 2012 and said in a statement received today Shaways Office Agency (news) copy of it: The Committee held its fifth under the chairmanship of the Economic and the presence of the Minister of Finance, Trade and Industry, and Agriculture and Chairman of Supreme Audit and the Governor of Central Bank of Iraq and the legal adviser to the Prime Minister and Economic Advisor and has taken a number of important decisions. The statement added that the Committee decided to include card project of national standard in budget in 2012 at a cost of Faculty of $ (200) million, as the Ministry of Interior who is executing the project, and approve the recommendations of the committee formed to develop a mechanism to facilitate the procedures for opening letters of credit of appropriations of less than (4) million dollars to support private sector Iraqi banking to contribute to the process of building and reconstruction of Iraq and stimulate investment and the statement noted Hanegbi Alganhrft recommendation to the Council of Ministers to prepare a draft law amending the text of Article (9) of the Investment Law for both (private and mixed) No. (20) for the year 1998 form, which includes leasing land to the owner of the project according to the rent determined by the Committee on Affairs economic, in order to support and stimulate private industrial sector. The statement stressed: that the recommendations also included the approval of procedures for the assignment and nomination by the Ministry of Planning / Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control your contract for the tender companies viewfinder, so as to avoid the accumulation of goods and delays in entering the cross-border points.

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