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Greeting Peoples Dinar Members,

First of all let me explain a few things. Many have asked (including DV'ers) why it is "Rays update by SteveI". Very simple, this is a forum where we share information regarding whom or where it comes from. Ray is a very close friend of mine and if you (DV'ers) are going to bash and trash someone, then it can be me.

Now moving forward and getting the minor details out of the way, I am not sure that most of you know that what is written in the true Arabic language and then translated via several different ways always comes out to be different. If you do not believe this, then go translate the very same article in several translators and you will see the difference.

What we have to our advantage is not only our counter part partner in Iraq which reads and understand both and help us, Ray and all of his contacts do the same.

So when I say that we compare notes (for the DV'ers) that trash us, here are some facts we can and will share. Without going in to a lot of details because Adam (not his real name on DV) has many employes in Iraq that read and speak both, we seem to be the first. Go figure?

The format of this post will be as follows: we will post the true Arabic version, the translated version, and the actual version from an Arabic translator.

Now the first of the three:

بغداد(الاخبارية).. كشف نائب محافظ البنك المركزي مظهر محمد صالح عن وجود خواص أمان عالية وذات تقنية متطورة في العملة العراقية الجديدة بعد حذف الأصفار الثلاث منها.

وقال صالح (للوكالة الاخبارية للانباء) اليوم الثلاثاء: إن البنك المركزي وصل الى مراحل متقدمة من الاستعدادات اللوجستية المهمة لمشروع حذف الأصفار الثلاث من العملة وبعد استحصال الموافقة من الحكومة الاتحادية على تنفيذه سيكون العمل على نطاق أوسع كونه يعد مشروع ستراتيجي يهم عامة الشعب.
وأوضح: أن في حال استحصال الموافقة على تنفيذ المشروع ستتم الاستعانة بشركات دعاية وإعلام لتوعية المواطنين وإعطاءهم التفاصيل الدقيقة لمشروع حذف الأصفار الثلاث وتجيبهم على جميع الأسئلة التي تخص ذلك المشروع.
وأشار الى: أن العملة الجديدة ستكون عالمية المواصفات وذات تقنية عالية ومن الصعب جداً تزويرها لأنها تحوي على خواص أمنية كبيرة كونها ستطبع في مطابع دولية حديثة ومتخصصة لطباعة العملات.
ووصف صالح: العملة بأنها سلعة ستراتيجية ولابد أن تحوي على مواصفات الطباعة العالمية وعلى شفرات متعددة وذلك حمايةً للأمن الوطني والقومي والاقتصادي كونها مورد الدولة./انتهى/8.د.س/

Actual link: http://www.ikhnews.c...view_33051.html

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OK now the translated version from Microsoft Translator:

Baghdad (newsletter) ... Deputy Central Bank Governor Mohammad Saleh appearance of high security properties and advanced tech in new Iraqi currency after you delete the three zeros.

He said Saleh (News Agency news) on Tuesday said that the Central Bank has reached advanced stages of logistic preparations for the task to delete the three zeros from the project currency and after obtaining approval from the Federal Government on its implementation would work more widely as a public interest project staffers.

He said that in the event of 18.8 implementation project will use propaganda and media companies to educate citizens and give precise details of the draft deleted three zeros and respond to them all questions specific to that project.

Noted: that the new currency will be global specifications and high-tech and very difficult to forge because it contains significant security properties being printed in an international modern and specialized presses to print currency.

Description: currency as a commodity strategy must contain print specifications and multiple blades and for the protection of national security and national economic being resource state.

Actual Link:

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Now here is where the differences comes into play. Here is the actual translation from the Arabic to the English version and it is so much powerful and accurate.

This translation is awesome. This is the best news yet. I cannot believe what they said.

Please remain positive and let Iraq finish wrapping things up.

Ray, thank you so much for all you do.

Remember, "Silence is golden unless you can improve on it!"

I hope you all have a great week and even better weekend. This coming Monday is a holiday for some so enjoy. See you all when I get back.

God Bless you all and your families.