Urgent ... Kuwait will give up their debts and get out of Iraq from Chapter VII for investment
On: Wednesday 02/15/2012 10:15

Baghdad / WAP /
A member of the state of law Adnan OS, Wednesday, for the State of Kuwait expressed its readiness to help Iraq out of Chapter VII.
He told the Baghdad International news / WAP / Today: "The visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to Kuwait and crucial task, after Kuwait's intention to help Iraq to take it out of Chapter VII, and solve the problem of Iraqi Airways."

He added: "The al-Maliki will not give up during the visit, for any demand or demands of the rights of the Iraqi people, and will seek to build relations with Kuwait and correct out of all the accumulated problems with them."

He continued: "The visit will resolve many outstanding issues with Kuwait, as Kuwait has assured Iraq that the victory of the Salafists and the ascent to the Kuwaiti National Assembly will not affect the relations between the two countries."

He pointed out that "Kuwait will give up its debt to Iraq in return for investment in the country, is determined to start a new page and the formation of good relations with Iraq."

The Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, is preparing for a visit and described the mission of the State of Kuwait.

And enjoy relations (Iraq - Kuwait) vasospasm, from Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 1990, imposed economic sanctions on Iraq, subjected him to be under the weight of the UN Security Council resolutions, as well as a large debt load Iraq of Kuwait.