The discovery of huge quantities of gold in the area of ​​luxury in eastern Baghdad

14/02/2012 12:07:00

The independent Iraqi news agency / Hadi Marei JLo .... continue drilling operations in the area of luxury Aldajh populated eastern Baghdad after the discovery of the existence of huge amounts of gold atoms of metal in the soil ...
And continued exploration and drilling for more than two years in the region and under the street extending from Fudhaliyah until the end of al-Obeidi neighborhood, or so-called (Htit), a low water is used for the diversion of rain water in flood seasons.
Was raised thousands of tons of dust, which set aside in order to purification and extraction of gold atoms.
Says the citizen p. As. C, the drilling operations Taudnaha for more than thirty years of full and since I was young where it continues mechanisms digging the ground in alleys dilapidated and in the street Mayatal movement Almrurotada to the drowning of citizens and the injury beams health prompted families to remove the elderly from the area and transferred to the suburbs beyond, especially with asthma and shortness of breath, he said, we did not know the reasons that push to drill here or there but we were surprised during the past two years to begin drilling operations is a natural and extends for several meters deep in the earth except for drilling longitudinal spanning more than ten kilometers, and then to hear from people that topic related to the discovery of gold.
And full of Iraq amounts frightening of oil exporting huge quantities of it to global markets and back with money do not prepare and Athsybinma no other metals in smaller quantities, but the discovery of gold in the luxury and commercial quantities could turn Iraq into a producer of gold more than oil, and pay the Western countries to re-occupation of as Traditionally, during the centuries passed his time, dusty, and is expected to increase the prices of real estate in this neighborhood modest start with the influx of gold seekers.