Governmental activities - Tuesday, 14/2/2012

02/14/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment - Secretariat of the Council of Ministers: the verification completed 4 000 files during the month of December last completed the verification of the files politicians dismissed in the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers four thousand file during the month of January 2012. The judge said Chairman of the Committee that the total files retained last year amounted to (3250) reported a file while during the same month (3508) file, he said, adding that the files were returned for reasons of form reached (165) file only. And that the Committee completed since 2008, a total of (130 591) a file, and that the total received by the Committee during this period amounted to (134,325) file, noting that the Committee continue its functions until the completion of all incoming files to it. recalled that the Committee on audited files contained to it by the central committees to re-politicians dismissed in the ministries and bodies is related to the Ministry so as to ensure the availability of evidence prescribed by law and that support for the persecution of political, ethnic or sectarian. Affairs Department of citizens and public relations following the demands of the teachers' union in Basra followed Affairs Department of citizens and public relations Secretariat of the Council of Ministers demands of the teachers' union in the province of Basra, and completed its final report, which included the response of the concerned authorities to them. The Director General of the Department Muhammad Tahir al-Tamimi said the report included put demands ten of the union and the responses of the ministries concerned, where it is answered and the Ministry of Construction and Housing, on the creation of a piece of land suitable for the establishment of a private city Bmerfqatha service for the benefit of all the teachers' union and approached Basra province to do so. He added that the Ministry of Education, for its part in the consideration controls the appointment and re-activation of the Development Fund, while the demand for equality apologized for graduates of teacher training colleges and the addition of military service and the date of disintegration of the teacher that these demands of the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance. He said Tamimi, that the Ministry of Finance replied to the demand to exchange allocations of professional education that the law of the salaries of state employees does not include the granting of such allowances, also issued a paternal uncles provide for the employee that her husband died or suffered illness incapacitated for work allocation dependency and children in the absence of litigation by a pension . the NGO circulated form of national accounts to the organizations asked the Department of non-governmental organizations in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, civil society organizations all, to provide it with all the information relating to accounts of the financial year 2011, in response to a request by the Central Bureau of Statistics in the Ministry of Planning, which purports to prepare indicators of national accounts for civil society organizations for the year 2011. and circulated circle of NGOs in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, form information to all organizations that are installed in its database, which received a certificate of registration and agreed the law No. 12 of 2010. Included form questions on revenues and salaries, wages and taxes, as well as supplies of goods and services, and the fields again. also directed the Department of non-governmental organizations, civil society and especially on human rights see the draft report of racial discrimination published on the Department's website and express her opinions and observations ********* Supreme Judicial Council: Office of the judicial investigation in Kadhimiya settle claims in January revealed the presidency of the Court of Appeal Baghdad / Karkh, the Federal Statistical Office of the judicial investigation on the resolution of claims before the same office for the month of January of this year. A source in the media center of the judiciary, that the Office of the achievement Kadhimiya resolved (1219) case of 2422; lawsuit or by resolving 51% of the cases before it. noteworthy that the offices of the investigation was established by order of the presidency of the Supreme Judicial Council on 10 / 7/2010 and that the work of these offices is to receive complaints from citizens and investigate and refer them to justice as it was before this role of the executive power is implemented through police stations, making it different from the work of the courts of the investigation. ********* Industry and Minerals : General Company for the manufacture of fertilizers shopping large quantities of products marketed General Company for the manufacture of fertilizers, the southern region (21 858) tonnes of urea and (26) tons of liquid ammonia for the General Company for Agricultural Supplies and the General Company for Phosphate. said Mehdi Salem Abdul-Hussein, director of the company that production of urea during the month of December of 2011 was (24 414) tonnes while the total production of liquid ammonia (15 910) as well as the amount of tons (1438) of the value of natural gas consumer, which utilized in the production process and power plant species. On the other hand said Abdul-Hussein said the company's many activities in areas as diverse as the activities in the field of quality management and the other on the committees of the construction and distribution of the role of residential staff of the company either in the field of training, the company has organized 6 sessions on-site and 4 at the headquarters of the General Authority for training and rehabilitation and 4 universities Iraqi and other destinations as well as courses outside Iraq. sign contracts with the Ministry of the implant and a number of state departments contracted Numan General a company Altabh the Ministry of Industry and Minerals with the General Authority to Combat Desertification to erect a system of drip irrigation for nine sites and a total value amounted to (104) million dinars, and said Engineer Mohammed Faraj Hassan, director of the company that contracts had been with the General Company for Agricultural Supplies of the Ministry of Agriculture for the marketing of modern irrigation systems in accordance with the principle of drainage as well as selling the company introduced the system of drip irrigation in the agricultural equipment exhibition in Fudhaliyah site. He added that the amounts would be delivered to the company upon completion of the project, noting that the company completed 100% of the contract manufacturing of Lucite tent with the Company for cotton worth more than (308) million dinars, adding that the company had negotiated with the Municipality of Baghdad for processing pipelines by ISO certified, and has also negotiated with the company for the purpose of filling gas processing base and a protective cylinder. ********* Electricity: Angels power transmission projects, the Directorate of works drawn Diyala manufacturing plant expansion completed the engineering and technical staffs at the Directorate General for electric power transmission projects run the country's fifth station expansion Diyala 400 KV. in, the type of GIS for the first time in the country hands Iraq without the assistance of foreign experts. said Musab al-teacher spokesman for the ministry, the Angels began work in mid-April 2010, and included in addition Qatar again after the stop was four diameters to five diameters add the check operation of 400 KV-type GIS., said the teacher, the goal of this project is to increase the number of lines associated with the station and increase the reliability of national network of 400 KV. in preparation for the transfer of the line of high-voltage (Kermanshah Diyala 400 KV. in) to the box new. electricity entered into a contract with the company Conchar Croatian for processing partitions cycle 132 KV entered into the Ministry of Electricity represented by the Directorate General for power transmission / upper Euphrates, a contract for the processing of breakers cycle 132 KV. in, with Conchar Croatian. said Musab al-teacher speaker official spokesman of the ministry that the value of the contract are (518000) euros, given in the form of payments and the duration of processing no more than four months, adding that this circuit will increase the reliability of power transmission stations, transport networks, each of Diyala, Salahuddin and Anbar, indicating that this contract is within the investment plan of the Directorate General for power transmission / Euphrates top. *********Read more: