Maliki: ready for the granting of extraordinary powers to the provinces

On: Tuesday 02/14/2012 10:26

 Baghdad / term
decided the prime minister during a meeting held, yesterday, for the first time in Basra, increase the powers contractual portfolios, and allow him to allocate part of the funds (petro) to run out of work from the province, in addition to exchange $ 300 billion dinars, had previously allocated to Basra in the House of Representatives last year did not act.

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in a speech during the opening session that "the goal of the session in Basra is to listen in detail to the problems faced by the province," noting that "the Council of Ministers is ready to provide extraordinary powers to the Government of Basra as a model for the powers of will we give to local governments in other provinces in order to advance reconstruction in it. "
He al-Maliki, during the meeting which was attended by most of the ministers as well as a number of officials in local government, that the situation service in Basra, "need the support from the central government", and between the factories and plants in the province "needs of financial allocations for building them," adding that "the local government in Basra is satisfied with the deal and the Ministry of Electricity with it."
in turn, said government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said in a press statement after the meeting that "the Council of Ministers decided during the meeting to increase the powers of the governor contractual to be similar to the validity of the degree of the minister, "explaining that" the governor was able to contract directly on the implementation of construction projects and service do not exceed the cost of each one of them for $ 100 million, after that amount was allowed to spend them when hiring no more than $ 50 million " .
Dabbagh said that "the Council of Ministers approved during its meeting to allow the local government in Basra, the allocation of part of the funds (petro) to create job opportunities in public sector institutions for the unemployed from the province."
For his part, Minister of Labour and Social Security Nassar al-Rubaie said in an interview and a "about 36 thousand and 400 unemployed in Basra is registered with the ministry," and that the money (petrodollars) which was approved by the Council of Ministers on the allocation "will run a large number of them," adding that "the phenomenon of unemployment in Basra can be reduced through the activation of the laws and regulations concerning the operation of the hands of local organizations working in the private sector. "
For his part, the head of the provincial council in Basra Albzona good morning in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "meeting of the Council of Ministers in Basra expressed interest in maintaining the central government," saying it was "time first in the history of the Iraqi state, which has held a cabinet meeting in Basra. "