Iraq: Violence has decreased concern for the "terrorists" their respective States

02/13/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
BAGHDAD - AFP announced the Undersecretary of the Interior Ministry, Adnan al-Asadi said «terrorists», who were fighting in Iraq have become «busy in their respective countries», indicating that the levels of violence have fallen in the country. said Asadi, a charge the largest in the Iraqi Interior Ministry, said that « the terrorists, many places in which to fight ». He added: «In the past, only Iraq, but today have many options». He added that «the Syrians, who are fighting with al-Qaeda who were coming to fight in Iraq, but now they are fighting in Syria, and Egyptians are fighting in Egypt, and Yemenis in Yemen, and Libyans in Libya» . said Asadi said «terrorists were distributed to these countries (...) and may have other countries to start the». He stressed that «the levels of violence in Iraq is becoming less today» under the security plans adopted by the ministries of interior and defense since the U.S. withdrawal end of last year , coupled with assurances about the ability of Iraqi forces to take over security. He explained that «kidnappings have become less, and we are now capturing the kidnappers quickly and follow the ways they communicate». and violence went down and the number of victims in the country during the last period. Were killed during the second half of 2010 at least 2025 Iraqis, while the number fell to 1554 during the same period of 2011, according to official sources. and killed 151 people due to the violence that occurred in Iraq during January (January), while the killing of 259 people during the same month of the year 2011. Asadi and declared that «the U.S. surveillance aircraft are forbidden pieces of work in Iraqi airspace, because the information they receive does not come to us». He stressed that «all the space and the earth and the waters under the control of Iraqi forces», pointing out that after signing the security pact with the United States in 2008, became the «every effort security or intelligence external prohibited». A number of Iraqi officials raised the issue of the work of aircraft control U.S. in sky country. Asadi said that his ministry, which is still without a minister since the formation of the government over a year ago, the focus along with the effort to maintain security, the fight against «corruption, which has fallen a lot because of persecution, especially». He explained: «conveyed general managers , and we referred to the inspection and integrity officials, and managers Oqlna two years on charges of corruption and we have conducted field visits in the night to the police stations and patrols and watched the traffic police ». He continued: «In the past there was great corruption, and we were and continue to fight».

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