Sangaree: All the political parties to reach a solution that satisfies everyone

Sunday, February 12, 2012 15:11

Baghdad {: News} Euphrates MP for the Iraqi List, Knight Sangaree there are parties that the political demands of state law and the Constitution apply Maitdmenh end the differences and reach a solution that satisfies everyone.

Sangaree said in a statement to the Euphrates {} News Sunday that "a lot of items on the Iraqi constitution does not apply on the ground and the conventions which take place between the political blocs, mostly does not apply."

He added that "everyone on the constitution-making and the application of its provisions in case objection was expressed by the opposition can be overcome and left aside for putting the interest of the Iraqi citizen, who still suffers because of the differences and political problems."

Sangaree pointed out that "the day of suffering and precursors of the differences between the political blocs is the Iraqi citizen, we must apply the Constitution to ensure the welfare of the citizen to live in tranquility and safety." Concluded M.