National Insurance launches and secure new documents

Our economy / Baghdad - National Insurance Company announced the launch of the new secure documents, one document the journey for pilgrims and travelers cover the dangers of the trip Kasabat and deaths, during which, and the other traders are required to insure their goods entering Iraq.

The general director of the company Sadiq Abdul Rahman said in a statement seen by our economy news agency that the document is ready for the launch of the flight after marketed for the purpose of reducing accidents and dangers that occur during Hajj and Umrah trips and travel.

Abdul Rahman pointed out that the idea of ​​this document came after incidents involving pilgrims this year of the fall of the crane at the Grand Mosque in Mecca and cases stampede in Mina, noting that the goal of which comes to minimize the risks and to compensate those affected by such incidents amounts rewarding.

And director of the company announced the launch of another new insurance policy designed to expand the resources of the state by forcing traders to insure their goods entering the country, stressing that this document will serve the merchant by ensuring compensation when their goods subjected to damage or injury.