Iraq warns its citizens in Canada, the deposit of funds in the "Quebec and Montreal"

11.02.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Twilight News warned the Iraqi government, on Saturday, the citizens of the deposit of money in Canadian banks for fear of confiscation, while stressing the central bank was the country for the onslaught of lawsuits demanding compensation for damage "fake." A government source said in a statement reported for "Twilight News" that "the instructions issued of the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to all federal ministries and local governments in the provinces warning the deposit of funds in banks in Quebec and Montreal, or do business there for fear of confiscation. " He attributed the source that "the result that some foreign companies deportation proceedings against some Iraqi institutions of the countries of origin to provinces of the Canadian for the implementation of judgments of the countries where the law allows the region do so. " The information received to Iraq, indicating the existence of complaints of compensation filed by companies and individuals against some Iraqi institutions. He added that "This information came to the Federal Government of the Iraqi consulate in Ottawa, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs so. " The source pointed out that "in 2008 was deported judicial decision British against Iraqi Airways to Montreal for its implementation, and resulted in a booking office and the home of the Consul General of Iraq and dozens of aircraft that have been purchased from a Bombrder, and the case is still in the Supreme Court in Quebec. " It is said that is why the Council of Ministers the end of May 2010 to cancel the Iraqi Airways all configurations related management, and referral of workers to another company to overcome the claim of Kuwait amounts as part of the compensation. For his part, adviser to the Iraqi Central Bank Mazhar Mohammad Saleh "Iraq is under attack false claims in the courts of several blackmail issues talk about the damage and fake taking advantage of the change that took place after 2003." and added that "there are many of these cases won by Iraq during the past years," explaining that "in the Ministry of Justice legal team experienced to address these claims and addressed in the international courts and has extensive relationships with lawyers and international lawyers. " Iraq has suffered from the consequences of international sanctions imposed on the country during the reign of the former regime, which came under Chapter VII as a threat to international peace, following the military invasion of Kuwait, the beginning of August , 1990. The Iraqi government has already expressed concern to Canada to become an arena for settling legal disputes against Iraq.

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