Despite efforts to support the dinar ... Traders prefer to deal in dollars

11.02.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add Comment - Radio Sawa - Baghdad - Baha al-Naimi did not prevent the central bank's efforts to restore confidence in Iraqi currency and maintain the stability of the Iraqi trader preference for dealing in U.S. dollars in market transactions daily. , says traders talk to them "Radio Sawa" in the area of Shorja in Baghdad say they prefer to deal in dollars for their confidence high value compared to local currency. called traders in the conversations on the government to support the national currency and not to restrict the purchase of dollar controls set by the central bank in recent times to control the smuggling of currency abroad. Central Bank did not deny the adoption of the traders on the dollar at the expense of the dinar, as Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Iraq the appearance of Mohammed Saleh said that this is due to accumulations of inflation and the inefficiency of the monetary system of Iraq, pointing out that the monetary system in Iraq needs to be repaired. The central bank has taken a series of measures to reduce currency smuggling to neighboring countries through the strict control of the conversion companies to open bank accounts and detect Zmmha, which led to the low rate of dollar selling at auction the central bank of 200 million dollars a day to three million dollars.

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