Vice Posted: Iraq is determined to implement the remainder of the terms of the Erbil and resolve the issue of the security ministries
Saturday 02/11/2012

Baghdad (news) .. MP for the / coalition in Iraq / Qusay Jumaa Al Abbadi that his list is determined to implement the remainder of the terms of the Erbil and will be presented in the paper of Iraq within the National Congress as well to stop random arrests. Juma said (of the Agency news) on Saturday: The working paper of the Iraqi List recording will be presented at the national conference will include political and economic situation in the country, particularly the implementation of the Convention on Erbil signed between the political blocs and on the basis of government was formed.
He added, among the claims of the Iraqi List, is to stop arbitrary arrests against innocent civilians, noting that the National Council of the policies Alasttratejah will be among the paper of Iraq because he was part of the agreement Erbil. He pointed out: that the state law to resolve its position on the security ministries, because Iraq had submitted more than one candidate has not been the answer of acceptance or rejection of our candidates.
The MP for the / coalition in Iraq / Abdul Khader Taher between that Iraq will ask the drawers the remainder of the terms of Erbil on the agenda of the national meeting, stressing at the same time the need to create safeguards to be agreed upon in this conference.
Tahir said in an earlier statement (the news) that Iraq will be presented to President Jalal Talabani, a paper containing their demands in Alostmrarbovernmh Partnership national discussion at the national meeting and included the remainder of the terms of the Erbil and Matdmenth of axes, in particular the Policy Board strategic and how to find a legal way out it will also be a release of the detainees innocent on charges of coup against the state among the files listed in addition to stop the operations of attacks on symbols of Iraq.
Taher said: One of the priorities of the demands of the Iraqi national meeting to find guarantees required the implementation of all the political parties are of the decisions reached and that the extremes not be "loose and vague" so as not to repeat what happened to the Convention on Irbil.