Erbil deal still valid says KBC official
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Thread: Erbil deal still valid says KBC official

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    Erbil deal still valid says KBC official

    Erbil deal still valid says KBC official

    10/02/2012 10:51
    BAGHDAD, Feb.10 (AKnews)- A deal brokered in Erbil which led to the formation of the current Iraqi government is not annulled, said the spokesperson for the Kurdistan Blocs Coalition.

    Speaking to AKnews, Farhad Atrushi, said "We do not expect anyone to officially demand cancelling Erbil agreement."

    He cited the head of the KBC Fuad Massum as saying that even the National Alliance has no objection against the agreement.

    The agreement proposed by Kurdistan Regional President Massoud Barzani ended a nine-month dispute over who should run the government. The deal which was signed by all the major political party leaders in Erbil reinstated Nouri al-Maliki for the second successive term.

    Maliki's elections rival, Ayad Allawi whose Iraqiya List won the elections, was promised a National Council for Strategic Policies in return for his concession over PM post. The council was not formed and the PM's State of Law Coalition and Iraqiya began incriminating and accusing each other of violating Erbil pact.

    Reports said that last week the largest bloc, the Shiite dominated National Alliance (which includes the SLC, too) proposed a package entitled "Iraq after the U.S. withdrawal", which contained no reference to Erbil agreement. Some NA members said the reason is that Erbil deal "was only for the phase of government formation while the next phase requires a new outlook."

    "There are stable and basic issues in Erbil agreement and even the NA stated it has no objection to them… but it believed they need to be studied," KBC spokesperson said.

    Atrushi noted that several committees from Kurdistan visited Baghdad and met with blocs just to expand on Erbil agreement.

    By Haidar Ibrahim

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