Paper Kurdistan to resolve the crisis .. And Tayfur: We will not give up our demands
On: Friday 2/10/2012 7:53

Baghdad / range
said Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Aref Tayfur, that the Kurdistan Alliance is preparing to deliver a project that aims to address the current political crisis in Iraq, noting that the agreement included the former Kurdish 19 points will be the rule in the preparation of the project,

This comes at a time did not mention a coalition of state law, nothing about the details of the paper presented by the National Alliance to the President of the Republic, noting that the most important paragraph included in the formation of a panel of advisers to resolve current differences and problems that arise in the future, pointing out that the national meeting will not solve the problems, but develop mechanisms to solve them.
agency quoted a Kurdish news about Arif Tayfur as saying that "the Kurdistan Alliance are busy now preparing a project to resolve the current political crisis in the country."
He said, "We will in the coming days will present it to the Iraqi List and the National Coalition," adding, "it was to rely on paper the former Kurdish included 19 points in the preparation of the project, which was signed within the Erbil, by the Iraqi political parties when forming the government end of 2010. "
said Tayfur that "the project emphasizes the need to implement Article 140 of the constitution, along with an emphasis to approve the oil and gas law, "noting that" state law indicates that the terms of the Irbil have been implemented except for one point, while denies the Iraqi List, the implementation of the Convention. "
For his part, MP for the Islamic Group Light Daragae that "the Convention Kurdish included 19 points was carried out points and only one of them, of the formation of the Iraqi government and the distribution of powers between the political parties. "

However, saying "so far not been implemented constitutional article 140, has not been the formation of strategic policy, not solving the problem of the Peshmerga, has not been a census, not approved oil and gas law, and those leading the terms of Arbil. "
is scheduled to meet 15 representatives of the major political blocs in the House of Representatives of Iraq on Sunday, to determine the date of the National Congress is expected which was called by President Jalal Talabani.
and on a related MP a coalition of law Ihsan Al-Awadi (of the Agency news) on Thursday: The National Alliance agreed at previous meetings on the mechanisms of the future work and the mechanism of the partnership with the political partners, as well as put the National Alliance, some of the solutions to outstanding problems between the blocks to advance the political process forward. He added that the most important paragraph in this paper is to find the advisors legal means to resolve problems of current and disputes that arise in the future and is made ​​up of all the political blocs that do not agree this body be transferred to the Federal Court.
The MP pointed to: that the national meeting will not solve the problems, but puts the general mechanisms will be agreed upon in the national meeting to resolve outstanding problems between the political blocs.
and preferred deputy coalition of state law approved chewing gum, paper block the National Alliance on the other blocks on resolving outstanding issues between the blocks, being closest to the Iraqi constitution.
said chewing gum that the solution to the problems between the political blocs needs to be a strong desire of the blocks, but the closest paper to the constitution to resolve the outstanding issues is the paper of the National Alliance made ​​by and to be raised through the National Congress, accusing some of the blocks that it is seeking to make political consensus substitute for the Constitution.
and MP for the National, that each agreement political between the blocks does not violate the Constitution, the coalition is ready for its implementation.
For his part, MP for the coalition in Iraq Khalid Abdullah Al-Alwani, the need for the heads of political blocs on the success of the National Congress and out with positive results and not simply be a formal meeting with predecessor of meetings.
The Alwani in permit was received (range) a copy of it on Thursday: that Iraq today is in need of concessions genuine process between the blocks are not patriotic slogans calling in the media, indicating that this is the only solution for the withdrawal of Iraq from the rotary current political crisis, saying that the conference the last chance to resolve all outstanding problems.
Abizaid and a member of the Integrity Commission Parliamentary saying that the Iraqi people today desperately need to provide security and services to him, and not in need of these differences that arise between now and then between the political blocs.
renewed Alwani call political blocs, especially the main ones to give up their personal interests and self in favor of the interests of citizens and the country.
and waved mass white not to participate in the national meeting being a "step media will not end up solving the political problems in the country," says its president MP Qutaiba Jibouri.
intends to political blocs hold a meeting under the auspices of President Jalal Talabani to consider the current disputes and find a way out of the political crisis experienced the country.
Jubouri said, told the Euphrates News "We will not participate in the national meeting being a meeting with the media more than is realistic," adding that "the profound differences between the political blocs will not solve the national meeting."
He explained that "the political blocs have to share in the concessions and not to confuse the work of the government at the expense of the Iraqi people, as happened in the last month. "
and that "Iraq is passing through a political crisis a constituent regarding the nature of the partnership between the political blocs in the management of the state."