Thought for the day....Oct. 5th
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Thread: Thought for the day....Oct. 5th

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    Thought for the day....Oct. 5th

    So here's the storyline in the news - for the day...

    "The Iraqi list is optimistic about the meeting outcomes because they have "assurances" (from Talibani).

    Talibani announces a meeting of the leaders (yesterday)

    Talibani and US Ambassador Jeffrey have a "closed door" meeting yesterday, before the start of the meetings

    Allawi comes out with a statement saying he won't show...

    Then he recants on his earlier boycott - (wonder what changed his mind?)

    I was told if you see Allawi at these meetings it means really good things for us...

    I also have it on pretty good authority - the real and important meetings were going on today - NOT yesterday.

    Talibani didn't have the press conference and didn't have anything meanigful to say yesterday evening...I told you this was the case (on the call last nite - I think?)...because the real juice happens today.

    An (Iba) article says the people of Iraq are very disappointed with the "results" of the first meeting yesterday.

    THE BIG NEWS FOR THE DAY - (Alsumaria News) The NCSP measure is in parliament and being discussed ahead of the next meeting of the leaders today - you do realize, if they vote this in without any Maliki involvement - that is very bad for him and very good for us??

    What this means is, effectively - the Erbil agreement is being implemented - like it or not...

    Once this happens and Allawi is the NCSP chairman (which seems inevitable), Maliki will have been effectively far as the CBI is concerned.

    That's my thought for the day...BGG

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    Excellent Post BGG .... you nailed it... the first meeting was the smoke... todays meeting is the KEY...


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    thank you so much!!!

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    Come on GOI and Parliament... Get'er Done, GO RV...

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