Chihod reveals details of the paper presented by the National Alliance for the upcoming National Forum

8.2.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
BAGHDAD / As MP for the State of Law coalition WIN in the National Alliance, Mohammed Saadoun Chihod details of the paper put forward by the coalition of the Preparatory Committee of the Forum national, stressing that the problems in Iraq's new legislature, not political. said Chihod in a telephone interview with news agency the future on Wednesday that "the National Alliance said in a paper presented by the second preparatory committee meeting on the need to maintain our democracy and peaceful exchange of power and reliance on the Constitution and the separation of three powers in the process of Iraq after the departure of the American side the end of last year. " and "The vision of the National Alliance Taatchris in addressing the political problems and other issues between the three authorities or central government and the province based on the Constitution and the payment legislation formal laws through the legislature, "Msttrda he was" no problem from the agreements or political consensus, provided that under, giving heed to the Constitution. " He explained that "political problems got in the new Iraq because of lack of legislation and get some of the political consensus that Ataatuaq with the Iraqi Constitution, "explaining that" to the National Alliance start pushing for enactment of laws that determine the powers of the three authorities, "as well as" to enact laws relating to the Council of the Supreme Judiciary and the Federal Court. " and added that "with the end of County the Iraqi List and the resumption of the presence of its members in both houses of parliament and ministers ended the political crisis, but remains necessary legislation of laws and the separation of three powers. " On the issue of Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi required to spend in accordance with Article (4 / terrorism) confirmed Chihod that "the Iraqi List, has become convinced after discussion at the National Meeting and left to spend, "explaining that" this situation was a requirement of the National Alliance, "calling on the Iraqi List, to" abide by the constitution when presenting her paper and demands in the National Meeting. " With regard to changing the name of the National Congress to the National Meeting of the National Alliance, said Chihod that " Iraqi politicians need a forum to study the views and unification of the political discourse and national levels. "

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