After an absence of 31 years .. Business activity due to the «Shatt al-Arab

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Opening of the first port on the banks since 3 decades to receive the oil equipment
Baghdad: Hamza Mustafa
generations of Iraqis remember the song well-known «the Shatt al-Arab shown our songs and on Basra» before it enters the «Shatt al-Arab» since the mid-seventies of the last century, the realm of political differences after Algeria signed an agreement in 1975 between Saddam Hussein and the Shah of Iran. And enter the «line thalweg» Iraq era disputes complex with Iran, which ended a war fierce after the abolition of the former Iraqi regime Algiers Convention, which was forced to sign because of the wars of Interior with the Kurds. Since the early eighties of the last century, the Shatt al-Arab charm romantic and just one passage of ships and gunboats While ensured the nature of the letter the direction of the river, including adding the territory of Iran and lose Iraq, other parts of its territory at the time of stopped traffic in it. Today, because the Shatt al-Arab to the fore again, but not from the gate of songs or tales of fishermen, especially since the early legends such as Sinbad the Sailor in the «A Nights »was launched from there, but because of the interface navigation after the opening of a commercial port for the transfer of hardware to the Majnoon oil field. Iraqi officials and representatives of the company «Shell» British in charge of developing the oil field set in the middle, Iraqi and British engineers have cut the ribbon at the launch of the harbor in the area of ecstasy, about 70 kilometers north of Basra. The Director-General of the crazy project in the company «Shell» Miksattad first told the French press «It's the first time that opens the port to receive ships from around the world through this river corridor in 31 years». He added that «the first time in decades, which opens the line of commercial transport in this corridor». He expressed the hope Miksattad «not returning ships that visit this port is empty, but loaded with goods». He said that «the ship set off from Dubai on December 25 (December) and docked at the harbor this on the fifth of January (January) is the first of the empty payload in this anchorage, we have quoted equipment then to the heart of the oil field». For his part, said Chairman of the Joint Management Committee to develop the Majnoon oil field Mahdi Hussein Bade told the French press that «the Shatt al-Arab back again today after closing for 31 years». He said «the first time that Iraq succeed in the Shatt al-Arab to install navigational corridor». The issue of the Shatt al-Arab and one of the permanent differences between both Iraq and Iran for more than 70 years ago when Iraq and Iran signed an agreement to organize navigation and borders in the thirties of the last century in the monarchy. However, Iran under the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, had canceled the agreement in 1969 which he called Iraq a negative development in the relationship between the two countries. In the early seventies of the last century, worsened relations, Iraq - Baghdad after the announcement of the Iranian plot to overthrow the government supported by Iran. But after years of war between Saddam Hussein and the Kurdish movement occurred suddenly Algiers Convention that took place Iran under which half of the Shatt al-Arab. After the fall of the former regime in 2003, tried to the Iraqi opposition, which took power after the fall of Baghdad get Iran to abolish the Algiers Convention because they cause severe damage to Iraq is that the Iranian authorities consider that this Convention is the only legacy «positive», which cling to it from the reign of Saddam. Middle East

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