Diyala local government decides to revert to the death and communication with Baghdad to resolve outstanding issues

07/02/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Alsumaria News / Diyala decided the political blocs in the province of Diyala, on Tuesday night, unanimously return local government to exercise its work of death, and open channels of communication with the federal government to resolve outstanding issues, stressing the importance of providing a security environment appropriate to do so. and press spokesman as governor of Diyala province, heritage-Azzawi, in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "representatives of the political blocs in the Provincial Council, the Iraqi, the Kurdish Alliance, the rule of law, the National Reform and the Supreme Council, held a lengthy meeting this evening in the district of Khanaqin, 105 km north of Baquba, in the presence of governor of Diyala Abdel-Nasser, James Baldwin, and Chairman of its Council Taleb Mohammed, to discuss the important files most important to resolve the internal crisis experienced by the Diyala since almost two months against the backdrop of a claim the majority of members of the Council announced the province territories. " said Azzawi, "The meeting resulted in the decisions of several important notably consensus on the return functions of local government from Khanaqin to the death for the exercise of their constitutional role in the service of the people, "adding that" the meeting also decided to open direct channels of communication with the federal government to resolve outstanding issues, most notably those relating to security and services. " The media spokesman of the governor of Diyala province, that the "return local government to death means the end of the internal crisis of effective, "noting the importance of" providing security environment appropriate as a prelude to direct the local government functions at a fast pace to meet the needs of the people. " and the voice of the provincial council in Diyala (12 December 2011 the past), the majority of its members to declare conservative provinces administratively, economically, and signed a formal request directed to the Federal Government on the resolution, while Vice President Sadiq al-Husseini that the decision was made ​​without the approval of the Presidency of the Council, considering that the time is now "inappropriate" for such a procedure. It is noteworthy that the popular demonstrations reject the declaration a province of Diyala, prompted the majority of the members of the Iraqi bloc in the provincial council and management (who are the majority) to resort to Khanaqin 0.105 north of Baquba, for fear of the security situation is stable, which emerged following the announcement of the request according to the expression, while the confirmed security agencies volatile security situation and justification Any fears of a resumption of officials their work in the administration of the province and council. The mass of the Iraqi Council of Diyala province, confirmed on 18 December, an agreement the members of the provincial council to hold an emergency meeting at an alternative location away from the Council building central Baquba, because of the presence demonstrators carrying clubs near the building, but the Diyala Operations Command denied the existence of any armed personnel, confirming its willingness to protect members of the provincial council. The governor of Diyala Abdel Nasser James Baldwin, in (17 December 2011 the past), that there is widespread for the "militia" in different regions of the province supported by the by some members of the police, while noting that it had killed civilians and cut off roads and caused chaos and rising food prices, called on security forces to respond to the calls continued to impose the law. The president of the parliament, Osama Najafi, in (17 December 2011 the past) that the situation in Diyala serious and that there is a proliferation of militias cut off roads and over the army and trying to prevent local government from exercising its role, noting that allowing the spread of chaos will give serious indications that Iraq is not going in the right direction, also stressed that the preservation of "disaster" must be re control of the rule of law. The Diyala province of Iraq's second declare itself a territory administratively and economically, after less than two months of the Declaration of Salahuddin province, in (27 October 2011 the past), a similar move, in response to the actions of the Ministry of Higher Education to dismiss 140 teachers and employees of the University of Tikrit, and dismissal from work implementation of the law of the accountability and justice, and in response to a campaign of arrests witnessed by the province on 23 and 26 October, which included dozens of former Iraqi army officers and members of the ousted Baath party, and in protest of the province on what promised excluded and marginalized them by the federal government, and lack of access to financial dues and grades.

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