Yasiri: I am the strongest candidate for the Ministry of Interior

On: Wednesday 02/08/2012 11:03

 Baghdad / range
confirmed the former officer in the army Tawfiq al-he is the most prominent for the office of the Ministry of Interior, Mstdla there approved of most of the political blocs.
On the contrary, which stressed it Yasiri, the sources were considered to resolve the security ministries Palmsthilh the time being due to the consensus of the political blocs to certain candidates, especially for the post of defense minister.

And talk to sources confirmed the desire of the Sadrist movement in the resolution of the National Alliance, the interior minister to be able to get her agency, is alluded to Sadrist lawmaker Amir Kanani in an earlier statement (long) by saying "all the political blocs have the positions, especially in the security ministries but the Sadrists."
For his part, says the Kurdistan Alliance MP Farhad Atrushi told (range) "The conditions set by the National Alliance for the candidate of the defense, which is supposed to be from the Iraqi List is a clear understanding of stress that the candidate should be accepted without defining who the person is acceptable."
In a later development candidate said the prime minister for the post of Interior Minister Tawfiq al, as a candidate for prime minister and that the latter committed to his candidacy, and defended him strongly in spite of all the pressure, he said, adding: Brothers of the National Alliance in favor of this nomination, as well as the Kurdistan Alliance, and most of Congress coalition, the Iraqi List.
quoted Yasiri a consensus on his candidacy for the post of Minister of the Interior and there is no reservation or objection to that, and procedures concerning the possibility of office will be after the resumption of meetings of the Council of Representatives after the fourteenth of this month. The Tawfiq al-was an officer in the former Iraqi army and left the country after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait enrolled ranks of the Iraqi opposition, and within the negotiations to form a government of national partnership was agreed that the Ministry of Defense of the share of the Iraqi List and the Interior to the National Alliance.
However, a source familiar with within the National Alliance revealed yesterday, that the file of the security ministries will not be resolved until the end of the current government, stressing that most of the names provided to the defense portfolio are not convincing.
According to the agency Baghdadiya News, the source said, "The National Alliance will not designate a minister of security for the defense, interior and national security," noting that "the names submitted to fill the bag defense is inconsistent with the terms set autonomy, not covered by the decisions of the de-Baathification. "