Haitham al-Jubouri: Request Najafi need to access the final accounts for 2011 miracle will not be achieved at this time

07/02/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Baghdad (news) confirmed the Finance Committee representative that the request of House Speaker Osama al need to access the final accounts for 2011 for approving the budget, nothing is impossible and can not be achieved at this time, stressing that there is no need to put the budget back to the discussion. A member of the Finance Committee MP About / National Alliance / Haitham Jubouri reporter Agency (news) said on Tuesday: that the request of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives and of the person of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi need to access the final accounts for 2012 to be the start of the vote on the budget of the year 2012 a miracle can not be achieved in time present, which will make the adoption of the budget is nothing impossible, noting that the draft final accounts for 2010 and reached to the Finance Committee but is also must stages of scrutiny and control in the BSA and then go to the Ministry of Finance and then to the Cabinet and this process alone requires about at least six months, what is the case will be the accounts of 2011 and 2012 and when it will end up working out. He added that he has been the practice in the previous time that members of the House of Representatives asking to talk to express their opinions about the budget and the budget of 2012 scored about 63 deputies, most of whom have completed their talk about the legislator Law budget, and imposed by the Council of Representatives to close the debate and that is a second reading finished, but the Finance Committee was surprised that the President of the House of Representatives and the Presidency put forward subject again to the discussion as if the Finance Committee did not do anything. The member of the Finance Committee: that the discussion of the general budget for the year 2012 took about three sessions, and given time is very large, indicating that the House of Representatives to end the discussions being merely what put the observations in order to be put up for a vote. and House Speaker Osama al-Talib, in the November 28, 2011, the need to expedite the completion of the annual budget for 2012 during a short period, stressing the need not to prejudice the rights of the provinces in pumping money into ventures and investments, as he emphasized that the International Fund works to reduce and minimize the budget in the current budget for Iraq in 2012.

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