(Oct 03-20:14)kaperoni: sure hope they get this done before the parliament goes on vacationagain

(Oct 03-20:14)kaperoni: Oct 15th

(Oct 03-20:14)katie: kap you think we will see the security law out of these meetings

(Oct 03-20:14)RED_LILY: More positive articles than negative. I think they will if they can just AGREE on the deggum Erbiland Minister.. what say u?

(Oct 03-20:15) kaperoni: katie, the "securitieslaw" is a revision to the current temp one. Parliament may see it this week...no ideayet.

(Oct 03-20:16) kaperoni: its not a security law....as inpolice...it a securities law as in stock market, currency trades etc.

(Oct 03-20:16) RED_LILY: I think they are going over thatalso.. if I read the articles right today.