Hamoudi: the Americans have ignored our vision to bring down the previous regime and caused the destruction of infrastructure and community-based Iraq

07/02/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Baghdad - where accused the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, the parliamentary Hamoudi, the United States ignoring the vision of Iraqis in the overthrow of the former regime and the invasion of the country's military and causing the destruction of community structures and infrastructure of Iraq. A statement from Hamoudi Agency has received all of Iraq [where] during a meeting with a delegation from the Iraqi community in the capital London, "The Iraqis today place of pride and appreciation of their achievement the great remove the occupiers and the Arab spring gave a lesson that the solution must be internally or comes from abroad, and this is what corresponds to our vision ignored by Americans and insisted on going into Iraq militarily what the right infrastructure, community and Iraq's cultural decline and paralysis of great Iraq needs a long time to re-furnishing of the new. " "But the determination of the Iraqis and Tlahmanm and the return of the elites, competencies, and their involvement and participation in the process of furnishing this, you will shorten the time and route and treatment and that Iraq today is in need of all his children, because we're in formation," he said "Iraq has become a model provides solutions to experience the new in Egypt, Tunisia and the other through the principles of national partnership between all Iraqis and the establishment of a civil constitution and separation of powers and the opportunity with which Iraq is now great to open up to his brothers and return to the Arab actor in the lead" . and U.S. forces invaded Iraq in 2003, an international military forces without authorization from the UN Security Council and brought down the regime of Saddam Hussein's former regime in the ninth of April, in the same year.

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