Accord Movement: Comment attend the House of Representatives and minister was a warning message

07/02/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Baghdad - where the said official spokesman of the Iraqi National Accord Movement, Mr. Hadi and to Zalmi Iraqi bloc managed by suspending the presence of deputies and ministers in the House and Minister of delivering its message warning of the seriousness of the tracks based on everyone. said Zalmi in a statement received today and the agency all of Iraq [where] "Although that option was difficult, but with visits made ​​everyone re-examining their positions in the interest of the Iraqi people and the political process desired, and I have got the measure of understanding and sympathy for the Iraqi public and most political forces and the interest of world opinion, and grew out his invitations to the National Congress which Klltha call His Excellency the President Mr. Jalal Talabani. concluded a spokesman for the movement of reconciliation statement by saying: "seize the Iraqi National Accord Movement appropriate to end this comment to confirm its commitment to the success of the National Congress is expected, and the renewal of interest in the presence of the leaders of the first row political, and regards it as important and essential."

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