Tohme: National Alliance and Talabani are ready for any proposal that would resolve the crisis
On: Tuesday 02/07/2012 15:26

Baghdad (news) .. Virtue said the head of the affiliated member / National Alliance / Ammar Tohme that President Jalal Talabani and the National Alliance are ready to remove any obstacle to agreement on the political partners coalition paper.
He said Tohme said in a statement received the Agency (news) a copy of it on Tuesday: The members of the Preparatory Committee held their second meeting yesterday amid positive atmosphere and made the National Alliance and a working paper in which he reviewed all the problems encountered in building the diversity of subject matter of the Executive, legislative and associated powers to the provinces and territories in addition to some contentious political issues.
He added that the National Alliance and President of the Republic eternal readiness and openness to add a proposal or an axis on a sheet of the National Alliance is classified as a problem in the way of an agreement the political partners.
The Tohme to: that the members of the Preparatory Committee unanimously agreed to respect and commitment to the Constitution as a base and the starting point for the formulation of solutions to those problems and taking into account the competence of the authorities and to any party, in addition to what he sees added of the items within the Erbil agreement to be settled the problems and find solutions to them.
He said: that the meeting agreed on the need to speed up the legislation to complete the constitutional laws of the system consistent with the constitutional the new political system, and the need to review laws and orders in force prior to suit and is consistent with the fundamentals and principles of the new Iraqi constitution.
And he continued that the Preparatory Committee will hold its next meeting on Sunday after the Iraqi List, to provide a working paper for the meeting and discuss the papers to reach the common formats and solutions for all the problems at hand.