Finance Committee: social benefits would be canceled for the three presidencies in 2012 budget
Monday, February 6, 2012 10:15

Baghdad {: News} Euphrates announced the parliamentary Finance Committee member Haitham Jubouri that social benefits for the three presidencies will be eliminated in the financial budget for the current year.

Allocations and the convergence of social benefits for the three presidencies popular rejection and a broad political and that the magnitude of the money allocated for her.

Jubouri said told the News} {Euphrates on Monday that "the claims of the many social benefits made ​​to cancel the Finance Committee agreed to cancel the amount of money allocated for social benefits in spite of its importance to the three presidencies."

"The presidencies Iilat need those amounts of the tasks and duties of its many responsibilities as well as the request of some needy citizens who have the opportunity to meet the three presidencies of some amount of money."

And the last discussions on the financial budget Jubouri explained that "the discussions on the draft financial budget has satisfied completely and started some of the demands by the political blocs are repeated or similar did not provide any new proposals on them."

The House of Representatives has completed the first reading of draft budget for fiscal 2012 and proceeded to second reading and still continue to read.

The Iraqi government has approved in early December last budget in 2012 amounted to a total value of $ 100 billion, the largest budget in the history of Iraq.

The percentage of funds allocated for investment projects in the budget, 35%, while the rest of the acquired operating budget, particularly on the remaining ones. Ended 11 p.m.