Al-araji, confirming the existence of corruption in the defence and interior ministries and threatens to bring the files to the judiciary

04-10-2011 | (Voice of Iraq)-Sumerian news/Baghdad
The integrity Commission Chief Baha Al-araji, parliamentary Tuesday, corruption in the defence and interior ministries, threatening to transfer files to an Iraqi justice and integrity in the event of non-responsiveness in ministries noted that lack of cooperation by the two ministries in the provision of information confirming the existence of corruption.

Bahaa Al-araji said in a statement issued by his Office, today, and received the "news", the Sumerian version of it, "the defence and interior ministries where corruption and if we will change them to respond with body integrity and justice", stating that "these ministries did not send contracts and primitives to the integrity Commission, arguing that the security information could not be found".

He added that "this argument araji confirm the existence of corruption", threatening to "transfer the files integrity and judicial authority to take action in the event of non-responsiveness" ministries, he said.

The Parliamentary Committee on impartiality, on 21 may, revealed last year, a substantial financial loss in the purchase file contained weapons to Iraq, the US side of MSN program to purchase weapons.

Iraq participates within MSN to buy foreign weapons procurement management between the Iraqi Government and other Governments for defense articles such as wheels, weapons, ammunition and equipment protection and military uniforms.

Deputy Interior Minister was Adnan Al-Assadi, revealed on 31 March, the possession of the Ministry to demonstrate the involvement of some files of officers and directors in internal corruption during the tenure of former Minister Javad albolani for internal bag, in addition to the files relating to border posts to sell feet some officials border clans and neighboring countries, leading to significant penetration of these ports, with the integrity Commission announced in the April parliamentary, they refer to the last body integrity files corruption involving explosives detectors, and buy Canadian aircraft, Confirming the involvement of Ministers and ministries and generals and officers in these files.

Annual report transparency international for 2011, three Arab countries among the 10 "most corrupt" in the world, namely Somalia, Iraq and Sudan, while Qatar and UAE report Oman least havoc among Arab States, the report also showed that Somalia ranked first in most corrupt States Afghanistan, Myanmar and then followed by Iraq, Sudan and Uzbekistan and Turkmen and Chad, Burundi and Angola.

The report showed that Iraq and the Sudan, Burma occupied third place in terms of corruption in the world, solving Somalia ranked first followed by Afghanistan, the report noted that States experiencing internal conflicts, corrupt away from any control, through which the country's natural riches, looted and insecurity, and break the law.

Among the demands of the demonstrations which began in Iraq since 25 February last, eliminate rampant corruption in the State, especially joints annual report transparency international for 2009 showed that Iraq and the Sudan, Burma ranked third in terms of proportion of corruption in the world, occupied Somalia ranked first in the report, followed by Afghanistan