Association of Iraqi academics and intellectuals reveal: dismissal of military leaders by Nuri al-Maliki

6.2.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Been more than a year on the formation of the Iraqi government, but Maliki still maintains equipment and military security in the grip which is managed either by the people belonging to the Dawa Party or by the elements they pass policies that al-Maliki in the latest developments in Iraq's political persuasion, intimidation, therefore, these devices form the main machine in the face of Maliki's political forces and national are all learned as a tool to settle accounts sectarianism with them and, for example, that the Baghdad Operations Command, and possession of approximately 80 thousand military forces, including counter-terrorism forces of the prime minister, which is also operating under the same leadership, with powers to a private large-scale where the implementation of arrest warrants issued against the opponents of Maliki under the banner of «counter-terrorism» in parts of Iraq. Therefore, al-Maliki and confidence after taking the opinion of Parliament was the process of developing a military collar and strong security around him and that the consensus Baltvavh Erbil in order to pass its own policies independently of political agreements. In mid-August / August 2011 at a meeting of Interior to the Dawa Party, which took place in the presence of al-Maliki after a few days of the appointment of an agent of the Ministry of Defense, asked the Maliki plan exclusion of military leaders and the subject of threats related to political circumstances after the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and was decided to develop a plan exclusion military leaders in the ministries of interior and defense in the agenda. It also decided at this meeting be postponed implementation of the plan to the stage after the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and the inference Adnan al-Asadi of the participants in the meeting that the rate of success of the plan will be higher because of the lack of U.S. military presence in Iraq after December 31, 2011, in particular through the appointment of agents for the ministries of military and security must prevent the appointment of ministers of the cabinet positions and postpone it as it was. Since late December / December 2011 Maliki decided exclusion of senior officers from the decision makers in the chain of command and the first phase of the plan include alleged exclusion of officers, particularly Sunnis them, as well as the introduction changes in the elements of the military and the Baghdad Operations Command and Operations Command Rusafa, as well as the exclusion of a number of leaders of the difference of the ground force in the Iraqi army. Although Maliki was allegedly made ​​this plan at a time other than that, after his return from the United States, following the political crisis that raised against the Iraqi decided to activate the plan for fear of the repercussions of the political crisis raised therefore in the framework of this plan: 1 - in the months of December / December 2011 and January second / January 2012 Older Maliki to arrest a number of senior officers and arrested, including three or four of the team leaders and a number of brigade commanders. As well as the dismissal of another group of these officers and taken to the Veterans Association. 2 - There is a committee called the Committee on Defense and Security includes both Hadi al-Amiri and Hasan al-Fayad, Faleh and they are looking where the compensation and appointments at the leadership level. This committee is a special committee linked to al-Maliki directly. And Farouk al-Araji is the Director of the Office of the General Command, but not a member of this Committee. To the sources close to Nuri al-Maliki that he is scheduled to be marginalized Farouk al-Araji, too. But these three sessions of the Committee for them with al-Maliki a week. The Qassim al-Araji, a member of parliament from the Badr Organization is the alternate member of the Hadi al-Amiri in this Committee. 3 - There are changes that have occurred in the leadership of the band of the 11 that are spread in Baghdad, where the conductor was dismissed, along with a number of officers from office. In mid-January 2012 was Maj. Gen. Ghassan dismissal from the people of Diyala who was leading a band of 11 of the office was transferred to the veterans and was replaced by Dean corner Zia, who is one of the Shiite south. Maliki did this compensation on the grounds that two of the brigade commanders of the band were in correlation with Tariq al-Hashemi. As well as the two leaders were arrested two leaders of brigades this band. 4 - Although Hadi al-Amiri and Faleh Hasan al-Fayad, and give advice to owners on alterations military leaders is that all the relays are made ​​by order of al-Maliki personally. In this context, submitted to the Maliki plan switch leaders of the band of 6 to the army deployed in Baghdad, as well as plan dismissal of one of the leaders of the Brigade 54's this band called the «on», one of the year and the people of Diyala are scheduled to be making these substitutions by him. 5 - because of enjoyed by the Baghdad of the importance of the owners, a plan switch Sunni military leaders replaced by Shia commanders on the agenda by the Advisory Committee of the owners. The leaders, manufacturers of decisions in the national police and the counter-terrorism and the Baghdad Brigade and a brigade of emergency scattered all in Baghdad, an understanding of the Shiites and plan switch Sunni leaders took off surreptitiously so as not to raise the sensitivity in the current circumstances. 6 - In late January of this year was Brigadier General Abu Qais Director of the border crossing of the limits of «Mehran» and belonging to the Badr Organization, is covered by the plan of relays is that, because of the close ties it has with officials of the Iranian border and because it was providing them with great facilities for entering and out of Iraq, making the crossing of great importance to the Iranian regime so the elements of the Qods Force and by Qasim al-Araji, a parliamentary of Badr and a substitute member of the Hadi al-Amiri in Security and Defense Committee, which includes the three persons were prevented this switch remained Abu Qais his job. 7 - in one of the meetings of the National Alliance of Interior, which was held in late November 2011 it was decided to develop a plan of the exclusion of the leaders and officers adults in the Iraqi Interior Ministry on the agenda also was scheduled to be passed this exclusions invoking charges such as the link with the elements of the Baath or membership in the Baath and that is removal of a number of senior managers in the Interior of them Hussein Kamal, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior in intelligence matters.

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