Rebounds press: Newspapers read in Baghdad on Monday to 6.2012

6.2.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
- Bahrain rule out participation in the Arab summit in Baghdad. - Diyala Munthareya reopen the border with Iran - Science and technology denies the existence of radiation contaminated in the headquarters of the U.S. military. - Start of the second phase of selection of the Electoral Commission. 2. Call - the President calls for a preliminary meeting of the National Conference on Monday. - stressed that the issue Hashemi not be put at a meeting of the National Forum .. Deputies for the National Alliance's (by invitation): Iraq is ready security and logistical support to receive the Arab summit. - Hindawi [Mohammed Kazem]: National Alliance will present a paper preparatory (20) a requirement to Talabani. - renegade Iraqi holding a preparatory conference in Najaf and elect new leadership mid-February. - swung the no-confidence in Parliament with him .. State law: the positions of al-Mutlaq wants them to defend his case the loss-making and became hindered the political process. - Saad [Susan] surprised a claim for the Committee on Energy parliamentary export oil through the pipeline transportation of Kuwait. - Al-Dabbagh [Ali]: request for exemption from sanctions on Iran aims to protect Iraq's assets and interests . - Commission on Security and Defence Parliamentary: The next stage will reduce the number of security companies. - clan Talabani demands to hand over al-Hashemi to the Baghdad accuses the protection of assassinating Judge star Talabani. - Alfalh [Ali]: no room for the presence or participation of Hashemi in the national conference because it is required in court. - Shibli [Ammar]: through (48) hours of the political body of the National Alliance to choose its candidate of the Ministry of Interior. - change: the issue Hashemi will not affect the Kurdish alliance with the National Alliance. - six ministers from the Iraqi assert their presence tomorrow at the meeting of the Council of Ministers. 3. Justice - after a meeting between Talabani and Jaafari .. A presidential statement: The views are identical between the two parties to move to a new phase of understandings. - National Alliance calls to keep the meeting on the spiral discussions and provide specific demands. - House of Representatives completed debate the budget and the law to change the flag and national anthem soon on its agenda.

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