Sources (range): Mutlaq will be a letter of apology to al-Maliki
Date: Monday 02/06/2012 10:28

Baghdad / term
sources almost certainly, the determination of the leadership of the Iraqi List, Saleh al-Mutlaq, an apology to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, to be in written form away from the media.
This comes at a time said the Sadrist movement he has achieved progress in his talks with al-Mutlaq of for the sake of proboscis part of the political crisis between Iraq and the rule of law.

Mutlaq, who served as prime minister, he had the point of strong criticism of Maliki, and considered a dictator worse than Saddam, which raised the ire of the Prime Minister, who asked parliament to sack him.
informed source told (range) yesterday that "al-Mutlaq, intends to submit a written apology to the President Ministers in secret for the folding part of the crisis between Iraq and the rule of law and keep him in office. "
The source continued, "The Vice-Maliki was willing to apologize from the start, but developments of the political crisis has made ​​the matter more complicated, and are now beginning signs of a solution to the problem."
In a related development, research Deputy Prime Minister with a delegation from the block free parliamentary annexation Bahaa al-Araji, and the Governor Zamili and Jawad Alshahyla and the Prince Kanani latest developments on the Iraqi political arena and the importance of unity of effort, attitudes, and contain the current crisis.
A statement of the Office of the al-Mutlaq received (range) a copy of his assertion that "the Iraqi people who suffered and patience and sacrificed much in the earlier stages and continued suffering to other stages of the subsequent result of the occupation and the accompanying consequences, one that we must do more to relieve his shoulder and his patience Ntoj good security and availability of services and defend their rights at home and abroad. " The statement added that "al-Mutlaq eighth initiatives mass of the free and the sons of the Sadr movement to bring the views of the parliamentary blocs in order to achieve the political stability of the country."
He pointed out that "The meeting was attended by number of members of the coalition in Iraq, including Hussein al-Shaalan, Hamed al-Mutlaq, Jawad al-Bolani and Haider Mulla and whose staff."
However, the Sadrist lawmaker Odai Awad, alluded to the failure of the efforts of the Sadrists in containing the crisis between the al-Mutlaq, the Prime Minister.
Awad said in a statement (range) yesterday, "around us, to persuade al-Mutlaq, an apology to Maliki, but have not reached until the moment a significant result, and thus no evolution in solving the problem between the two sides. "
On the nature of the meetings that take place always between the Sadrists and Maliki confirms Awad Vice "meetings it was nothing new protocol problems did not put the remaining solutions." He concluded Sadrist lawmaker said that "al-Maliki is seen al-Mutlaq as a person who is not desirable to be replaced by Iraq, which in turn refuses to do so, and we we left this problem with other women to the national conference called by President Jalal Talabani."
in turn called for an MP for the existing Iraqi reproach league prime minister to cancel his request to withdraw confidence from his deputy, Saleh al-Mutlaq, a gesture of goodwill toward the Iraqi List.
quoted league as saying that "Back-Mutlaq to his post as deputy prime minister is a goodwill gesture from Maliki's Iraqi List, to resolve the outstanding issues between the State of Law Coalition and the Iraqi List. "
and added that "al-Mutlaq assumption by his current position in accordance with the principle of political consensus and consent of all the political blocs is therefore isolated from this position is a form of the principle of consensus upon which the entire political process as well as the current government."
and stressed that "the Iraqi List is committed to Palmtalk to assume Deputy Prime Minister does not intend to put forward any alternative to it, "and calling" anyone who thinks that Iraq will be another character Allowahm alternative for the person. "