Sources: Talabani succeed in bringing the «Iraq» and »the law»
03.02.2012up new morning
Revealed a coalition of state law Friday that he is likely to hold national conference of the leaders of the blocks in two weeks, with renewed Iraqi rejection of the Policy Board.
This comes at a time when political sources confirmed that informed President Jalal Talabani has succeeded in bringing the views between the blocs of Maliki and Allawi.
And resulted in the mediation efforts made by Talabani for a rapprochement between the «Iraqi List» and a coalition of the «rule of law» to address the outstanding issues between the parties, as a prelude to ensure the success of the National Congress and to make recommendations to contain the political crisis.
Decision of the House of Representatives deputy «Iraqi List» Muhammad Al-Khalidi was likely the possibility of a meeting between the leader of its list of Iyad Allawi, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said: »showed President Talabani, his desire to hold a meeting between the two leaders, Allawi and Maliki, told the House of Representatives Speaker Osama al that the desire to make his the achievement of the meeting prior to the National Conference », pointing out that the President and during the past few days to make a lot of effort and cost deputy Khudair Khuzaie to take is important convergence between the other« Iraq »and» the rule of law ».
In the framework of convergence between the two parties MP for the coalition «state law» Kamal Saadi for the resumption of negotiations with «Iraq» to resolve the dispute between the parties on the selection of candidates for positions ministries of security: »negotiations were conducted in order to reach the selection of candidates to fill the positions of the security ministries, I do not want to talk about names will be announced after the end of the negotiation ».
In the negotiations to form the current government, which entered its second year of life was agreed that the Ministry of Defense and Interior share of the Iraqi National Alliance.
Saadi said the existence of a dispute over the candidates, but he also at the same time the keenness of his coalition and »the Iraqi List» to resolve file security ministries: «No one hinders resolution of the file, but the dispute over the names of candidates because of ministries sensitive and linked to the future of the political process, and we must be careful in Choose from the former ».
At a meeting held last night between the first political body of the Sadrist movement and a delegation from the Iraqi List, the parties discussed the latest developments in the Iraqi arena and ways to overcome the current crisis. Confirmed as the MP for the Liberal bloc Riad al-Zaidi: »met with high-level delegation from the Iraqi List, vice president of the political body of the Sadrist movement, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Mutairi, and both parties spoke frankly about important issues, including the refusal to intervene in the affairs of the judiciary». Noting that the delegation confirmed the return of close to prime minister in place to do their work and attend meetings of the Council of Ministers starting from next week.
He expected the Member State of Law Coalition MP Ali Falh National Conference to be held within two weeks, noting that there were signs to resolve the crisis, especially after the return of the Iraqi List, to the House and Cabinet.
He said the agency Falh news that the current political crisis on its way to the solution, especially after the return of the Iraqi List, to the House of Representatives and the return of their ministers in the next week to the Council of Ministers.
He added: Despite the signs of resolving the crisis there is a consensus on the need to hold a national conference to resolve differences radical, expressing his hope that held during the next two weeks.
And the MP for the coalition of state law: that the convening of the conference depends on the bilateral dialogues conducted by President Jalal Talabani, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the President of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi, as well as other political leaders.
He was a member of the Kurdistan Alliance MP Hamid Buffy the ills delay a national conference, due to lack of agreement on the political blocs interlocutor.
Said Buffy: The differences between the political blocs and a trip by President Jalal Talabani to the outside for the purpose of treatment was the reason for delay in holding the National Convention, as well as the lack of agreement on axes, indicating the following: that in the event of the conference, without providing an atmosphere appropriate for him and his failure would lead to the transformation of the political situation for the worst .
The Kurdish MP: that the conference not be useful or productive in the absence of the commitment of all political parties by its terms and the decisions that will come about.
For his part, MP for the coalition in Iraq Salem Daly for not demanding the Iraqi List, the National Council for policies Alasttratejah again, pointing to the most important requirement for Iraq is to sign a new agreement is a roadmap for a government after the National Congress.
Daly said the Agency news: that the list will not demand the Iraqi National Council for Alasttratejah policies because the president refused to Iyad Allawi, the Council and therefore can not be the Iraqi list to ask for it.
He added that his list will be put to the Convention on the National Conference in Arbil, which represents the benefits of the Iraqi and the balance in state institutions as well as the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives, accountability, justice and the eradication and the state's oil imports.
He said the Attorney for the coalition in Iraq to: The most important point of the Iraqi List, will seek to obtain them is to sign a new agreement to be a map of the government after the National Congress, despite the lack of guarantees of other blocs of Iraq but would insist on this point.