Salt in Basra missed by investment wealth

04-10-2011 | (Voice of Iraq)-(aknews)

60 kilometres south of Basra, visibly overlooks the hills of salt scattered waiting marketing by local contractors, after the failure of project investment of salted by the Ministry of industry of Basra in Iraq last year for lack of Iqbal, to keep firms and investors if salted, like other industrial companies in Basra governorate, which suffer from disruption in operation since 2003 without serious handlers.

Says Director salted Basra Haidar Jabar sagt Kurdistan News Agency (aknews) that "salted founded 1979 in Faw district in Basrah governorate by Italian and Japanese companies, but was destroyed during the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988) and in 1990 created the salted large basin comprising four alternative focus water coming from the Gulf include freely to pumping station in the Gulf of the Khawr Abd Allah to ponds, and production capacity designed for those salted limits of 500 000 tonnes per year in that period."

"Create salted Basra aims to produce sodium chloride material falling oil and petrochemical industries, food and chemical industries, added to other articles for use in drilling for oil, you can also use local lotions containing magnesium oxide in thermal industries."

And prepare draft salted Basra under six major industrial projects in Basrah governorate (550 km south of Baghdad) belonging to the Ministry of industry and minerals, which are mainly from stumble in their work because of exposure to vandalism and destruction during military operations in Iraq in April 2003, the lack of adequate financial allocations to restore life to these industrial installations.

Sagt refers to "the work we do includes implementation of the plan of rehabilitation of salt production (50) thousand tons a year, selling salt pond production inflexible regime which goes back to 2002 in the local market, where the estimated amount of this salt b (50) thousand tons."

And find that "reconstruction of salted requires allocation of 30 million dollars for projects in the area of Cree marine channel (3 km) in length and provide water pumps card (3 m3/second) and maintenance of dams salted with salt washing machine, as well as provide electrical energy treaty for the performance of its work".

Follow sagt "in the previous period these customizations are not providing financial re-work this salted prompting the Ministry of industry to launch the project investment as the basic designs 2010 full equipment productivity, which was preparing a dossier on salted Basra included design basis and how rehabilitation, as well as a study on investment conditions at the request of the Ministry of industry and minerals".

As the Director of reference that didn't write salted for investment success for reluctance salted Basra investors and local companies and foreign investment, prompted the local government in Basra, the Ministry of industry, the need for rehabilitation plants maintenance, of plant fertilizer, iron and steel company and petrochemical plant and paper factory and Ibn Majed he Basra.

And little economic development Commission official in Basra, local Government Minister Mahmoud Taan almctovi l (aknews) that "crashes this industrial companies leads to substantial financial losses, and local government is not able to reconstruction".

It shows that "local government in Basra over the past year have moved hundreds of workers and staff of some of those factories to work in other governmental institutions in an attempt to curb the phenomenon of hidden unemployment faced by these Government factories since 2003".

Opinion of the Chief Engineer in salted Basra Khalil tastes that "rehabilitation of salted, as well as providing a salt entering as a help or in all plants in Basra and Iraq will be open to new projects if the salt complementary returned to work as intended."

Says l (aknews) "draft salted Basra project is lucrative and especially the number of host no more than 70 associate, as that article is raw seawater which is inexhaustible, and a salt within the global market and there is no lab in the world does not use a salt though varying quantities".

And stresses the need to "adopt a project to reconstruct and rehabilitate Basra salted road which links it to the Centre of the city of Basra to return to the earlier work and contribute to the production of salt locally instead of importing it from outside Iraq".

Not only the impact production salted Basra salt on this industrial facility alone reaching its operand eligibility for food salt industry in Basra governorate.

Safa says almatauri, author of native plant for the production of salt in Basra "salted Basra for production had a negative impact on our work with civil laboratories to provide crude salt are depending on collected from land and salt marshes," he said, adding that "this type of salt and of poor quality is not valid for human consumption which are sold to snow production plants and the Pickles".

And notes that "the number of food salt production plants in Basra began decreasing, as compared to past decades more than 50 factories with which currently only left 10 almost factor."

The "salt production plants were operating on salt from salted Basra after construction at the end of the 1970s cheaply to manufacture food and marketed as a salt in local markets, and sometimes are made out of Iraq".

And indicates that "restoration work of salted and salt mills processing in Basra salt needs will lead to the revitalization of the work of these factories and position to compete with imported salt in the Iraqi market".

While not far from where salted Basra was left with only parts of a building project management mechanisms only fingers to stop one where salt pool basins almthagran port of Khawr al-Zubayr is one of the main Iraqi ports (10 km) you will see thousands of tonnes of imported salt in daily across the Harbour to cover the needs of the domestic market of this article.

From: Ammar Saleh, en: fulfilment zangana