Iraq received messages reveal a "positive" from al-Maliki to resolve the differences
04/02/2012 07:56

Baghdad, February 4 (Rn) - The Iraqi List led by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi on Saturday, announced that it has received positive messages from Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki include earnest resolve the outstanding issues, particularly the application of agreements Arbil, partnership and balance in addition to the guarantees of the formation of the Council of strategic policies.

Has escalated the crisis between the coalition and Iraqi rule of law against the backdrop of the judiciary to issue an arrest warrant for Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi for his support of "terrorism", is regarded as false accusations Hashemi and confessions made by the protected elements of the "fabricated".

And seeks President Jalal asked me to end the political crisis through building a conference or a meeting at the level of national leaders put the blocks in which all the problems and agree on solutions.

The leading figure in the list Dhafir al-Ani told the Kurdish news agency (Rn), "The meeting which brought together three of the ministers of Iraq with al-Maliki was at the invitation of the latter to discuss resolving the political crisis," noting that "the meeting was successful and was discussed outstanding differences between Alaitlavien very seriously and openly and Minister for the positive spirit touched the Maliki became clear through a statement his office, who welcomed the return of Iraqi MPs to the Council. "

Three of the ministers of the Iraqi List, are the Ministers of Education, Science and Technology, and Agriculture met last week with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and expressed their intention to return to cabinet meetings as close to Maliki.

Ani explained that "Iraq has received positive messages from al-Maliki about his desire to resolve outstanding issues, particularly the application of agreements Erbil and file processing partnership and balance", but he also said, "until there are guarantees and the formation of the Policy Board."

He noted that the "positive messages through informed by President Jalal Talabani."

He reported that the Iraqi leadership in the waiting list in the coming days, "the assurances and statements translate into action."

According to the Iraqi List, it is subjected to marginalization and exclusion and accused al-Maliki exclusivity in decision-making, but decided to return to the days before the meetings of the House of Representatives with the continued boycott cabinet meetings.