Talabani during a meeting with al-Samarrai: There are encouraging steps toward detente and constructive policy in the country and resolving the outstanding problems

4.2.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Baghdad (news) said President Jalal Talabani, there are steps that are encouraging and constructive towards the political breakthrough in the country and resolving outstanding problems. and President Talabani during a meeting with Iyad Samarrai, MP for the coalition in Iraq and his delegation on Saturday evening: the importance of overcoming obstacles to the success of the persistent attempts to push the political process forward and agreement of the parties to the political in order to develop the road map for the partnership and the implementation of agreements reached between the political forces. The President of the Republic that all this needs to be an atmosphere of harmony and quiet, adding that the return of the Iraqi Council of Representatives is a positive step, and hoped to be crowned with the appropriate atmosphere to return Government to hold its meetings quorum full. He said he and during his recent meetings with political leaders to touch them they are with solving problems and deliver Iraq and its people to safety and peace. For his part, Dr. Iyad al-Samarrai and members of the delegation during their talk that the dialogue and discussions quiet is the best solution and effective to end the Almichnh atmosphere and political debate .. And appreciated the role of the national supervisor of President Talabani in resolving problems and bring the views of the factions and political blocs .. Stating that His Excellency is always an element of stability .. This is evidenced by the history and developments and political events, especially in time of adversity.

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