Allawi: The Lion informed me that Iran's position on the red lines of Iraq and call on Iraqis not to elect our representatives

4.2.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Twilight News, the leader of the Iraqi bloc of former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, Saturday, fierce criticisms to the House of Representatives and the political process, and called on Iraqis not to vote for politicians present at the next election, including representatives of the Iraqi List, declaring that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad told him that Iran put red lines the Iraqi List. Allawi said in an interview with the Ambassador of Lebanon seen by the "Twilight News", the Policy Board (the position assigned to him according to a political agreement) "I do not supervise anyone, and I am honored to be part of it really is not from the government, not now or in the future , the political process in Iraq and reached a level shallow, level not worthy of the Iraqi people, and for this I ask the Iraqis not to go again for election or election of any of those who are involved now in the work is bad for Iraq, we Xash disservice to the citizen a lot. " and added that the state "unable to ministries unable to There are no government or a complete program, all in the middle of the spread of terrorism everywhere, according to the statement by the U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, who said there are at least 1,000 Iraqi members of the organization of al Qaeda, "adding that the problem lies in" the commitment of other decisions Conference Erbil and conventions. " He continued, "informed me that President Bashar al-Assad that Iran put red lines on the Iraqi List, and transfer me this speech in front of 16 people from the leaders of the list for reasons that knew nothing until the moment", he denied receiving financial aid from Qatar, "after that press reports this of information. and on the County House and the Minister explained, "We have boycotted the House and the minister before my story Hashemi and al-Mutlaq. The boycott against the backdrop of the arrests of some citizens in salads, but from Mosul to Basra, on charges of belonging to the expedition or terrorism, including the head of Diyala provincial council, "adding," and took the decision to boycott in the house of al-Hashemi in Baghdad. " and that of the reasons for the province as well as the absence of the principle of true partnership, and then came after the issue Hashemi. and Allawi said that the return of the Iraqi Council of Representatives "was the result of great compassion with us by all the political parties, all the alliances and blocs of Iraq and stood with us except for the rule of law - bloc of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki . There were claims of continuous return of the Iraqi parliament by both the Kurdistan Alliance, the Sadrists and the Supreme Islamic Council and the mass of virtue, and others, and after that they realized that our comments to our membership and to attend meetings of the Parliament was for obvious reasons, and therefore does not need to deal with these situations. " and criticized the way in which managed the process of dropping the former regime, "there were not any road map with the Iraqis, as well as the Americans did not have, so we talked repeatedly about the lack of a clear policy of the post-war. We as a political movement were against the war, and demanded regime change from within, and we talked with all countries after Saddam's occupation of Kuwait for ways our support to oust him from the inside, the answers were not possible to change from within. Was the war and changed the system of government. " promised to Allawi's failure to attend the leaders of the first row, such as Moqtada al-Sadr or Massoud Barzani or Ammar al-Hakim to the National Conference to be held, as was done in the Erbil, will lead to the collapse of the partnership in Iraq. " He explained that "their presence is important because the section significant of them is responsible for the crisis or a party. " and the rationale for his criticism of the government, said "We are talking only in the absence of anything practical. But I would like to point out that when I was in the government completed the Board of Supreme Audit and named its president and supported him, and I came to body integrity, and invited to investigate with four ministers, proved the involvement of ministries of corruption and the innocence of two ministries two. But now we have no state in the sense the state, we have no power. " said Allawi, "Iraq today is a weak state and protected from the U.S. in a troubled, Washington, put her hand on the country in a way frightening, our money is protected by it, I've decided the administration keep all the money the Iraqi in America to protect him, pointing out that America plays a prominent role in the Security Council in particular that Iraq is still under Chapter VII. " and added, "We have no foreign policy, Iraqi and clear or strong, and if found such a policy when we arrived to the stage intervene where states kept to the interior. and a push by some provinces for the establishment of provinces said the leader of a coalition of Iraqi bloc, "the federal or provincial is guaranteed by the Constitution, and I am not of Oorteurtha, excluding federal Kurdistan, which was formed for many decades, noting that" the punishment collective that has occurred to the provinces and interference in the affairs of the administrative and local communities, all of this has led to demand regions, due to the pressure on these provinces and the prevention of financial resources by the repression that took place against her children, a shift that is based on the reaction of constitutionality, though the joints of the Constitution need to processors. " p g / m P

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