Adhamiya add thousands of revelers anniversary of the birth of the Prophet (s) .. Samurai and confirms that the unity of Iraqis is a red line

4.2.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Baghdad (news) Qusay Adhami revived Baghdadis, this evening, the anniversary of the birth of the Prophet Muhammed's (R), where the region has witnessed Adhamiya, which is decorated with lights, the influx of thousands of Baghdadis from different regions to mark the anniversary, at the same time stressed the President of the Court while the Sunni Sheikh Ahmed Abdul Ghafoor Samarrai that national unity among Iraqis is a red line and can not override it. In conversations the reporter Agency (news), who wander in the city of Adhamiya confirmed the celebrants that the Prophet's Code to strengthen national unity and the ties between Iraqis, noting: increasing numbers of revelers anniversary from the previous year . Chairman called the Sunni Endowment Ahmad Abdul Ghafoor al-Samarrai, in a speech during the ceremony, politicians to unite their word and urged each other to keep on Iraq and its people, pointing out: that the national unity among Iraqis is a red line and can not override it. stressed Sheikh al-Samarrai on: the need not to bring disputes politicians within the communities of the Iraqi people, to abandon the differences and problems, and the Sheikh al-Samarrai: Iraq for Iraqis, not to a specific destination and home to everyone, and Iraqis must increase and strengthen the ties between them, criticizing at the same time confidential informant who provides information contrary to reality, and which cut apart Iraqis. said Abu Abdullah, one of the people of Adhamiya: I'm happy return of Adhamiya to celebrate the birth of the Prophet (r) is a secure and safe, and expressed his joy at the presence of celebrating from all areas of the capital Baghdad. said Abu Abdullah, who was distributing sweets to revelers: proud Today Ptoziei candy for the joy of the birth of Mr. organisms Prophet Prophet Muhammad (r), where a celebration of strengthening the bonds of unity among Iraqis. with says Umm Mustafa is take your sons, I would like to confirm that the Iraqis one hand and Adhamiya city fraternity, Veskinha of all nationalities and denominations, and the celebration of Today baby Prophet is nothing but confirm the unity of the Iraqis as they celebrate away from sectarianism . indicate or Mustafa in her speech to the reporter Agency (news) that she attends every year to Adhamiya to celebrate the baby boy prophet, and stresses: that the development of celebrating her year has increased from last year, called M Mustafa Iraqis to continue and to communicate them, the fact that sectarianism in Iraq has ended and must take off from the root. Omar al-Rawi, a resident of Ameriyah, who came to greet the celebration said the reporter Agency (news) already today a day of national unity, where I found my friends from Sadr City join me in celebrating the anniversary of the Prophet Mustafa, and demonstrates this unity among the people of this country Kabarbasmh and its people. friend Omar Ali Abdul Ridha said that every year salute ceremony of the birth of Prophet Muhammad (r) in the city of Adhamiya, this beautiful city with its people and its buildings, and adds Abdolreza: Today live in a state of communication and togetherness, and I would like to assure you that sectarianism in Iraq has ended, and it is a game of politicians, and carries the agenda of Foreign Affairs. this and circles the Municipality of Baghdad had finished prepping early to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Mr. organisms Great Prophet (r). According to the Directorate of Relations and Media in the secretariat of Baghdad, said districts the Municipality of Baghdad began preparation early to celebrate the birth of Prophet Mohammad in coordination with the Department of Electricity and decorations and harness all efforts to show the capital, Baghdad, the best of the most beautiful image as it hosts the event fragrant. It added that the municipal district of Adhamiya started washing and cleaning the main streets and installation of banners that magnified and glorified the memory of occasion of the birth of master objects of the Prophet Muhammad (r) as well as publishing features decorations and decorate the light poles and mosques, trees and yards, especially Antar Square Balnscherat optical as well as washing the streets around the shrine of Imam Abu Hanifa (ra) and decorating milestones ornamental and releases light. She noted that the municipality Kadhimiya has is other washing and cleaning of the streets around the kindergarten Kadhimiya cleared with decorating the streets and the mayor of Rusafa, for its part to clean the streets around Balhoudrh Qadiriya and several other mosques task in preparation for the celebration of the way, great. She explained that the Municipality of Karkh, the Center has published the parameters of ornamental and releases light in the streets of the popular areas, tourist and commercial buildings and a number of residential streets, the streets of the main task of which (28 April, Damascus, Baghdad International Fair) and decorate the trees on those streets along the optical Balnscherat.

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