Iraqi held a meeting tomorrow to determine the position of County Government
04/02/2012 18:54Baghdad, February 4 (Rn) - The Iraqi List, Saturday, the leaders will hold a meeting on Sunday to discuss the situation of the return of its ministers to the government or not, revealing that the atmosphere tends to take a positive decision on the subject.

Boycotted the Iraqi List, the Council of Ministers and House of Representatives last month after a tense political atmosphere in Iraq between the partners after one day of departure of the last American troops from the country in 18 of the last month. But after pressure from internal and external decided to end the boycott of the House and to maintain the county government.

And last week postponed a decision on the minister to this week in order to gain positive attitudes of their demands. It said the Iraqi exposed to marginalization and exclusion and accused al-Maliki exclusivity in decision-making, but decided to return to the days before the meetings of deputies with the continued boycott cabinet meetings.

He has decided to give the fingers before the boycotted the meetings of the ministers leave the government open and assigned to their colleagues for the management of ministries and agencies.

The proximal member of the list Nahida told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "the leaders of the Iraqi List, will hold a meeting on Sunday to discuss the situation of a return to the list of Ministers to the government or not." Dani explained, "since there are meetings at the level of the three presidencies .. I expect the message will be the leaders of Iraq in their meeting positive."

Despite the decision to boycott the Iraqi government, but the three ministers are Minister of Electricity Kareem Abdul Aftan and Minister of Industry and Minister Ahmed Karbouli Turhan Mufti provinces participated in many meetings of the Council during the last period.

And increased severity of the crisis after the judge has issued an arrest warrant for Iraqi Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, a leader in Iraq after being accused of supporting death squads, al-Maliki as requested by the Council of Representatives may withdraw confidence from his deputy and leader of the Iraqi Saleh al-Mutlaq. Being senior leaders to contain the crisis communications. It is hoped a conference attended by the various parties called for by President Jalal Talabani.