Controversy over law strategic policy Council

04-10-2011 | (Voice of Iraq)-Amrita

Still the case law of the Supreme National Council for policies raises noise whenever driven evolution. It put the Bill on the agenda of the meeting Thursday was born to protest to the parliamentary legal Committee confirmed that she had not finished preparing the special report of the constitutional violations contained in the draft law, saying it did not feel put on the agenda.

Mahmoud Hassan, a member of the parliamentary legal Committee:
Legal Committee decided to prepare a report to indicate articles that appeared in the project and that contravene the Constitution, any statement texts contained in the project as well as what constitutional texts which it has derogated from articles that project ... The legal Committee has not found or did not submit the request to the Presidency of the Council read out a second reading law because it was nthei after the preparation of the report on this project.

But members of the Kurdistan Alliance stressed that putting the law is not related to the legal Committee insofar as the agreement blocks underlining at the same time that the topic needs discussion and review and will not go easily.

Mahmoud Othman/Deputy on the Kurdistan Alliance:
Will they abandon him after weeks and need long Mu but legal Committee is but blocks if Mako agreement between Al-Maliki and Allawi and Barzani legal shtsoi.

But contrary to the Constitution seemed insufficient cause for failure to pass the law for the Iraqi list ... That confirmed that there are many unconstitutional institutions operating within the State of Iraq threatened firm action if law poses to second reading.

Talal alzobei/Vice Iraqi list
There are a lot of institutions are outside constitutional frameworks and thus looking back to the Constitution must cancel many institutions now are present and effective in decision-making and have influence in the Government. If the second reading of the Iraqi list will stand firm may withdraw the Iraqi list of Government Ministers or withdraw confidence from the Government.

According to observers, a Bill to the Supreme National Council for second reading policy before agreeing to modify may come as an attempt to put pressure on the blocks to accelerate agreeing, but current indications do not suggest the existence of an agreement soon on a law even within Talabani and which would be devoted to discussing the survival of US forces in Iraq.