Deputy for the National: our next meeting will nominate a person for the inner bag
On: Saturday 02/04/2012 13:51

Baghdad / WAP / said the National Alliance MP Hussein al-Asadi said the next meeting of the General Authority for the National Alliance will include a personal nomination front-runner for the post of interior minister.
He said al-Asadi told Baghdad International / WAP / Saturday, "The National Alliance did not nominate any person to assume the post of interior minister other than the personalities that have been nominated previously had, including the team Tawfiq al, which was sub-agreement, but through developments in the political scene, which led to some changes in the security leaders, both in Baghdad and the provinces are not to nominate any new character. "
He added that "during the next meeting of the National Alliance new characters will be nominated for the post of interior minister, noting that the agreement between the political blocs requires that so-called National Alliance candidate for the Ministry of Interior and the coalition in Iraq another candidate to the Ministry of Defense."
And shall be managed by the Ministry of Defense Acting Minister of Culture, the current Saadoun al-Dulaimi, who belongs to the "coalition of the center," which joined Iraq recently, and had served as defense minister in the government of Ibrahim al-Jaafari years 2006-2007 after assigned by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki late last year amid criticism of the Iraqi List, while still al-Maliki and Acting Minister of the Interior.