Parliamentary Finance: 2016 budget increased government spending 9/26
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Thread: Parliamentary Finance: 2016 budget increased government spending 9/26

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    Parliamentary Finance: 2016 budget increased government spending 9/26

    Parliamentary Finance: 2016 budget increased government spending and made a very serious deficit

    He said the member of the parliamentary finance committee, said the draft next year's budget in 2016 has increased government spending has made a very serious deficit.

    And between Haitham al-Jubouri he told all of Iraq [where], that "our fear and fear of the large deficit, which accounted for up to 29 trillion dinars, compared with an expected revenue of 84 trillion dinars." He added that "the Commission has the power to reduce transfers in the budget as it seeks to reduce the deficit, because this is very dangerous as the power to give the government the possibility of internal and external borrowing is also where many caveats."

    He Jubouri that "external borrowing the conditions including the removal of subsidies on essential goods and services provided to citizens of oil such as derivatives, etc. These can cause problems as well as for providing sovereign guarantees that Strahan's future and economy of Iraq to countries abroad and the International Monetary Fund, and this we do not want being will make Iraq into a corner so we will press the deficit to downgrade what we can do."

    "The operating expenses for 2015 and today we are in the month of September the government has spent 44 trillion dinars since the beginning of this year, leaving the allocations of these expenditures only 25% to the end of the current fiscal year is estimated at 11 trillion dinars."

    And between the member of the Finance representative that "the addition of this amount [11 trillion dinars] of what was spent from the beginning of the year [44 trillion dinars] will be expenses for the year-end real Ksrv about 55 trillion dinars why the draft 2016 budget in which spending 84 trillion dinars and why this difference between Almoisntin although he It did not get a change in the monetary policy of the government?".

    Jubouri said, that "Iraq has spent 55 trillion dinars for this year and that the amount was sufficient to government outlays for why this increase for the year 2016 and by about 29 trillion dinars ?!" He is adding that "this difference Atanaj to the follow-up of expenses which may be increased, but this is not a big difference."

    He explained, "we will follow up the final accounts for 2015, especially since government spending has not stopped, such as salaries and other and if the government did not recognize these accounts Snhmlha responsibility and we will share with the Iraqi people on these facts," stressing "to be the existence of these accounts for the development of next year's budget."

    He ruled out a member of the parliamentary finance committee, "the presence of rounded amounts from 2015 to 2016 because of spending all customizations specific to institutions and organizations assigned to them," adding that "the Finance Committee and in spite of its efforts to amend the budget law but unfortunately the government in the end to challenge them and check what you want so We will deal realistically and cooperate as much as possible with it."

    The draft of the Ministry of Finance for the 2016 budget submitted to the Council of Ministers last week, an expenditure of 113.5 trillion Iraqi dinars [US $ 99.65 billion with a deficit of 29.4 trillion dinars [25.81 billion].

    The oil revenues which is equivalent to 69 Trliuna and 773 billion and 400 million Iraqi dinars, equivalent to about 83% of the total revenue conjecture 84 trillion dinars, equivalent to the value of the dollar 59 billion and 130 million Dolar.

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