Allawi admits his failure politically and calls the Iraqi street, not to re-election

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BAGHDAD / However - Follow-up - Zia Caliph passed former prime minister and head of the list in Iraq, Iyad Allawi, the failure of the political process in Iraq, calling on the Iraqi street, not elected or participating legislative elections again. Allawi said: "The most serious historical stages that can be experienced by the Iraqi state or experience of democracy, is the stage in which we live now, despite our attempts to repair the political landscape in which, not Nnevk ignore the daily landscape and Arhasath heavy, and the burden of the old legacy of the security services and the stability and building a relationship of trust between the components of Iraq, and good-neighborly relations in the country is trying hard out of the melting pot of ethnicities and Almzhabiyat and sectarian strife and the specter of partition and the struggle for power, to give nature a new post-Saddam Iraq. " Allawi said in an interview with As-Safir newspaper on the comments the Iraqi province and return to the Parliament: "The return was the result of great compassion with us before all political parties, all the alliances and blocs of Iraq and stood with us except for the rule of law - bloc of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. " He added, "there were claims of continuous return of the Iraqi parliament by both the Kurdistan Alliance and the Sadrists and the Supreme Islamic Council and the mass of virtue, and others, after they realized that our comments to our membership and to attend meetings of the Parliament was for obvious reasons, and therefore does not need to deal with these situations. " He said, "This was the first reason, second reason is the call for the conference, was not possible to meet this call or success under suspension of the presence of Iraqi the meetings of the Council of Representatives. " and "The County-based Iraqi Council of Representatives was not the issue Hashemi never, I've boycotted the House and the minister before my story Hashemi and al-Mutlaq, and the boycott against the backdrop of the arrests of some citizens in salads, but from Mosul to Basra, on charges of belonging to the expedition or terrorism, including the head of Diyala provincial council , "explaining that" the boycott decision was taken in the house of al-Hashemi in Baghdad, and the reasons for the province as well as the absence of the principle of true partnership, and then came after the issue Hashemi. " With regard to government statements abortion attempt a coup, Allawi said "Do you think that someone is if the level of defense minister could have a coup?!, particularly in light of the U.S. presence?! certainly do not." and denied that Allawi, the full withdrawal of U.S. presence in Baghdad, saying: "Certainly America is still present in Iraq, and speech for withdrawal is like laughter on the chin; present and influential political and security, at least to protect the image of democracy in Iraq. " On the issue of the security ministries and Asthak Iraqi ministries said Allawi, "This is what passed by the Conference of Erbil and we signed for it, that the defense of the share of the Iraqi List, This is what surprised Tsuifa until now, "explaining," We have candidates not associated with any link Baath Party, including Falah al-Naqib was not the slightest relationship to the party, where he had belonged, and his father's good Captain to the expedition in 1954 and then left in 1956, and the farmer was a minister of the interior and has no anything to do with the party, another candidate was former Interior Minister Jawad al-Bolani, who served as interior minister with al-Maliki, is down the Baath it "Balbrashwt?" There is another candidate had been detained for long periods and then chased by Saddam and the device his intelligence, Are these Baathists, or that security leaders and officers of the military who rule now ordered al-Maliki is a Baathist militant arrests, tortures and kills the children of Iraq? ". With regard to political differences with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki about the powers of the National Council of the policies Alastairatejah Allawi said: "This was a collection agreement signed by his hand" Convention of Arbil, "note that this Council does not supervise anyone, and I am honored to be part of it really is not from the government, not now or in the future, the political process in Iraq has reached a level shallow, level not worthy of the Iraqi people, and for this I ask the Iraqis not to go again for election or election of any who are involved now in the work is bad for Iraq, we Xash disservice to the citizen a lot. " On the return to the House of Representatives said Allawi that "the issue of Ministers involving other allergic, Valenwab members of the legislature and we need to enact laws, and the Council of Ministers, he is in the executive, and our problem in this aspect a large, for this we are studying the subject for consideration in the feasibility of the contribution of our ministers to the success of the conference and to achieve results for the Iraqi people, we have achieved the purpose when we withdraw our representatives, and the purpose is the pressure on partners in the process, and when the goal is achieved and reflect the results of the Conference on the pros or at least the results of its preparations, not because there is no need for the continued withdrawal of Ministers or the suspension of their participation. Regarding the statement by some media about the existence of a meeting between Allawi and Maliki, Allawi said, "This is not true, I did not ask to meet with Maliki did not Otost with Talabani, there is no need for such a meeting like this, but to met with Mr. Maliki in the sessions and dialogues do not mind, he is prime minister and I am an ordinary citizen, the meeting occurs between the vessel and the other to talk about the affairs of Iraq, and we met shortly before at the home of Talabani. " On the request of some provinces to form federations Allawi said that "the federal or provincial is guaranteed Constitution and I am not of Oorteurtha, except for a federal Kurdistan, which was formed for many decades, we Kaaracah say that the collective punishment that has occurred to the provinces and interference in the affairs of the administrative and local communities, all of this has led to demand regions, due to the pressure on these provinces and the prevention of financial resources by and repression that has occurred the right of their children, a shift that is based on the reaction of constitutionality, though the joints of the Constitution need to processors. " He also criticized Allawi stuck to Prime Minister Maliki as commander of the armed forces, ministries of security, saying: "Minister of Defense and Interior," explaining, "We were and still are talking for a political process, and this will not succeed without the partnership of the truth and do not marginalize the other and to al-Maliki, who was sidelined from the Saddam regime by virtue of being the opposition as we were, should adhere to the principle of true partnership until after the turn to democracy a reality. "

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