Iraqi government: request for exemption from sanctions on Iran
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Thread: Iraqi government: request for exemption from sanctions on Iran

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    Iraqi government: request for exemption from sanctions on Iran

    Iraqi government: request for exemption from sanctions on Iran aimed to protect Iraqi funds and the interests of Trading
    Saturday 04 2012
    Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh
    Sumerian News / Baghdad

    Confirmed the Iraqi government, on Saturday, that the request for Iraq is excluded from the international sanctions imposed on Iran aims to protect the funds of the country and the interests of traders who deal with the Iranian market, as pointed out that the Penal Code allows the affected States, including request for exemption within a period of 120 days, indicated that they do not seek to breach sanctions.

    He said government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "U.S. sanctions on Iran will come into force soon," noting that "the law imposed by the U.S. Congress on Iran's central bank allows for certain countries during a period of 120 days from the start of the application of sanctions, exception of the request for economic reasons of their own. "

    Dabbagh said that "Iraq has business relationships and wide with Iran, including the import of electricity and oil derivatives, and others, what he must pay through the Central Bank," adding that "it is under U.S. sanctions, a violation can be offered by the other side of the penalty."

    Dabbagh said that "Iraq does not want to seem as if he does not adhere to international laws, whether issued by the United States or of the United Nations," adding that "the Iraqi government will be presented from this point a request for exemption from the application of these sanctions within the legal period set by the same law of the States other, especially as Japan made a request of this. "

    The spokesman for the Iraqi government that "Iraq's assets and cash reserves supplier of U.S. banks," stressing that "the duty of the Government to provide such a request to protect Iraqi funds and the interests of the Iraqi traders who have large dealings with the Iranian market."

    The Iraqi government announced, on Friday (the third of February, current), it will ask its counterpart U.S. Iraq is excluded from the sanctions imposed on Iran, just as Japan did, and while shown that the American decision to relieve certain states of the sanctions, confirmed that Iraq will be affected by the application of This prohibition, in particular that the volume of trade exchange between the two countries up to 10 billion dinars.

    Iran faces international sanctions restricting purchases of weapons, after they started years ago, an extensive program of arms and the development of its nuclear capabilities.

    She stressed the United States and the European Union and a number of other countries, its sanctions on Iran, as issued in the January 23 last, a package of new sanctions include a ban on its oil sector, and the freezing of assets of the Central Bank of Iran and the prohibition of all forms of trade in gold and other precious metals with the World Bank and other devices government in a new move to intensify pressure on it over its nuclear program.

    President Barack Obama signed on 31 December 2011 the past, a law toughening penalties for the financial sector of Iran to pressure Tehran to abandon its nuclear program, and the law provides for the freezing of assets of any financial institutions that deal with Iran's central in the oil sector, which led to the decline in the value of Iranian rial to come down to a $ 18 thousand to the dollar.

    The international community accuses Tehran of using its nuclear program to conceal a plan to develop nuclear weapons pose a serious threat to the security of the region, while still the United Nations imposed sanctions on Tehran over this file, while Iran has repeatedly denied its pursuit of nuclear weapons, confirmed that its nuclear program is civilian character and approved the production of over 4,500 kg of enriched uranium since 2007, an amount sufficient to produce four nuclear weapons, according to estimates of experts.

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