Talabani to congratulate him on his birth prophetic: We will continue efforts to overcome the outstanding problems in the political process

4.2.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
BAGHDAD - The Euphrates News said President Jalal Talabani, in a letter of congratulations on the birth of Prophet Mohammad, to continue to pursue efforts in order to overcome the outstanding problems in political life. said a presidential statement today that "Talabani sent a message of greetings to Muslims in Iraq and the world on the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of Holy Prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah {p}. " the statement quoted Talabani said in a congratulatory letter that "Muslims are regaining in the East and West of the world at this time the anniversary of the birth of the Seal of the Prophets and Messengers, our Prophet Noble Muhammad {p}, noting that in the restoration of this anniversary fragrant meanings of faith and values tolerant restored monuments of the great had been left behind by the Prophet to Muslims and all humanity, which exploits formed a beacon of aspirants for love, justice and peace, and guidance for seeking on the path of piety and pleasure of God Almighty and the good of man on earth. " He continued, as is the case always, it behooves us in this circumstance , and we celebrate the birth great, that Ntmthel meanings Semitism enshrined in the heavenly message, a message of brotherhood and Altoadd, love, and renounce the spirit of division and fragmentation and hatred. Talabani said that "he will be at the forefront of national tasks that we face as we commemorate the birth of the blessed is to continue to pursue efforts in order to exceeds the outstanding problems in the political life, and develop and mature factors in order to reach the National Conference atmosphere positive helps in the development of dialogue and lead him to be productive for the progress of the political process and get rid of obstacles. " said President of the Republic "would succeed and radically and decisively to lead to starting a new phase commensurate with the magnitude of the challenges facing the country and its process of political, also included the transition qualitatively the performance required of the functions of internal services such as security and completion of legislation and laws that reinforce national action and progress to the front. " and pointed out that "one of the greatest messages of this true religion, which sent by the Prophet Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-{p} is this pairing the most prominent among {Islam} and {peace}, and this link Alohijh established by the religion of faith and all that ensures coexistence between humans and contentment rights in a just society, free and cream, and the values ​​enshrined in biography Messenger including inspired one of the greatest meaning of the message that moved the community from the darkness of ignorance into the light. " and noted that "the fulfillment of the greatest of the anniversary of the great and the anniversary is in evoking those meanings and to work on guiding for the good of man and humanity, and work to isolate and besiege the forces of darkness and blasphemy seeking, whether out of ignorance or intentionally, to the image distortion tolerant to the religion of peace, love and brotherhood ideas and practices are far from religion and the Prophet and what used to be our communities of collaboration and solidarity and love. " He concluded, Talabani said: "On this occasion, fragrant sensual faith, we offer our warmest Congratulations to all the Muslims in Iraq and the world, Mpthlain to Almighty God to bless them as much as pleases Him and what pleases them, and that makes them safe, assured, and that his family is difficult Iraq is difficult and the Iraqis in their country and their state of peace, freedom and goodness and justice. "

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