Sulaimaniya Airport Announces run for more than 50 flights a week

04-10-2011 | (Voice of Iraq)-(aknews) official notification of the international airport of Sulaymaniyah, the number of flights performed between airports of Sulaymaniyah and the rest of the world is witnessing a steady increase, stating that the airport will conduct weekly for more than 50 flights mostly with European States.

Danna Mohamed said explained for Kurdistan News Agency (aknews) "according to the latest statistics, there are flights in Sulaimaniyah international airport has increased steadily, as is conducting 50 flights a week between Sulaymaniyah and the rest of the world's cities.

And the number of flights, airport information official said Sulaymaniyah, "without doubt the number of flights is growing, and previously was the number of flights at the airport of Sulaymaniyah 40 weekly flights, saw the number increase by 10 flights per week."

Meanwhile, the Director of Sulaymaniyah Tahir Abdullah airport news of increased flights, saying "in addition to flights transporting people, cargo and aircraft movements are international weekly run, global companies specialized in this regard by organizing special flights to Sulaymaniyah airport."

And on the effects of security conditions on the flights, Abdullah said "without a doubt, the stable security situation in Iraqi Kurdistan is the key factor to increase the number of flights to countries of the world".

In turn, said transport and Communications Minister Amer Abdel Jabbar said the airports of Erbil and Sulaymaniyah have active and continuous increase in the numbers of flights, and the main reason for this increase is to stabilize the security situation in Kurdistan which encourages tourists and traders to travel. "

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