SPARTAN81: Talabani is coming back to iraq they are having a special parliment session that is this weekend. all the big names will be in attendance they are finalize the hcl/ministers/and Erbil everything is going according to plan. spartan feels this will happen before Oct. 1st and reason being mastercard will have them set up to use in over 222 countries also there smart cards are going to be loaded for all citizens on Oct 1 also on Sept 29th Iraq will have control of their airspace. Also, personally I know 2 contacts that have oil contracts in Iraq one is being set for Oct 15 to take oil out of Iraq another take out date is Oct 24 [everyone take a chill pill.. no matter what your hearing out there this is the real deal per Spartan81 [ look at the news follow the money... spartan said no way next year guranteed. Spartan has a video on tevo that an Iraqi friend recorded for him of shabibi's interview on Friday and Shabibi said............ he never said lifting the zeros, he was adressing his people and said we will RV our currency soon. did not give date or rate shabibi did say they would be the strongest currency in the region... did also say, that they will be a strong internationally on trading the iraqi friend translated the video to him this came in 1 hour ago to spartan The End.